A horrified Elly realises who the father of her baby is on Neighbours

“It’s his brother!”
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It’s been one scandal after another for a self-destructive Elly lately. But the nightmare is going take a terrifying new turn in Neighbours this week when she discovers her one-night stand, Shaun, is Finn’s brother!

Elly’s (Jodi Anasta) pregnancy has been the only thing keeping her marriage to Mark (Scott McGregor) going. Since revealing she slept with his sister Chloe (April Rose Pengilly), their relationship has been in turmoil.

Elly’s tangled web of lies only grew when she miscarried and then fell pregnant to Shaun (Brad Moller) – all the while letting a none-the-wiser Mark believe the baby is still his.

“He’s angry and hurt, but when he heard Elly was pregnant, he put his ego aside,” Scott, 37, tells TV WEEK.

“Maybe he can see past everything for the baby’s sake.”

Unaware Shaun is Finn’s brother, Elly resolved to keep the secret. But when she fronts the stand in Finn’s trial and spots Shaun in court, she panics.

Elly flees just as the judge calls for her testimony. A concerned Leo (Tim Kano) follows after his friend. When he finds Elly, he’s puzzled as to why she’s so agitated and upset.

“She’s lied and lied and lied,” Jodi, 34, explains. “At this point, she’s in the deepest water.”

Elly quizzes Leo as to who the man sitting with Finn is. When Leo tells her it’s Finn’s brother Shaun, Elly’s worst nightmare becomes reality.

The schoolteacher breaks down, telling Leo that Shaun was her one-night stand, making him the father of her unborn child. Uh-oh!

Neighbours airs weeknights, 6.30pm, on 10 Peach.

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