Married at First Sight’s Bella and Michael say ‘I love you’

Things are going well for Married at First Sight newlyweds Michael and Bella.

After meeting less than a week ago at their wedding, the pair have already said those three little words.

Yep, on Tuesday night’s episode, Michael nervously told Bella: “I think I actually am in love with you. I do love you. So much.”

And just like something out of a fairytale, Bella replied, “I love you too.”

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The loved-up couple have even confirmed that they’ve done the deed many times, and Bella was filmed asking Michael if they should christen every room in the house.

“We haven’t christened every room yet, it hasn’t happened yet, but we’ve done a few,” she told the camera while sitting on their bed.

“We’ve done this room, obviously.”


On their honeymoon to the Great Barrier Reef, Michael told Bella that he has a six-year-old son who lives in New Zealand, and although she had previously revealed she didn’t want kids, luckily his confession didn’t change her feelings for him.

“I think it’s kind of cool, it shows he’s a nurturing, kind person. It was a shock, but I honestly think it’s a good thing more than a bad thing.”

They look to be settling in to married life pretty well, even going shopping together for salt lamps and incense together – as you do.

At one shop, Bella picked up a pack of Angel Cards and drew the ‘Soul Mate’ card, before Michael said, “My hopes are that we just keep building an amazing future together.”


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