Married At First Sight season 4 episode 2 recap

The five OMG moments we can't stop talking about.

Another Married At First Sight episode, another round-up of drama, laughs and (the very early signs of) love. Maybe. If someone’s stripping career doesn’t stand in its way. You know that old chestnut. Here are the top five moments that have us huddled by the office watercooler…

#1 The morning after

Sheesh, lovebirds Susan and Sean are so sweet that you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d been together for months. Not only does cowboy Sean seem even more into her than that enormous hat he was rocking on their wedding night, but Susan appears to feel the same. “He’s exactly what I wanted in every single way,” the smitten newlywed admits. “I don’t know why I wouldn’t fall in love with him pretty bloody quickly.”

Plus, the fact they shared a romantic bubble bath and stayed up until 6am chatting is a great sign – especially when many of the other Married At First Sight contestants are more focused on catching up on their Captain Snooze than with each other.

As for Richard Branson wannabe Jonathan and his bride Cheryl? She’s just happy that her new husband didn’t snore. So there’s that. (Although Cheryl admitted she was probably too out of it to really notice either way, so does this even equal a win? Probably not but we’re counting it. These two need a few positive runs on the board.)

#2 Michael’s “small ears” obsession

Should we be annoyed by “the most challenging contestant” (the experts’ words not ours) and his endless list of physical preferences? Probably… but we just can’t be. Why? Well, the protein-obsessed dude’s main deal-breaker – other than not having “natural beauty”, huh – is not having “small ears”. SMALL EARS. No jokes or sarcasm there. In fact, when Michael lays eye on his bride Scarlett, he’s quick to share his happiness about her appearance with the camera, especially about her small ears. All we want to know is: “What did someone with big ears ever do to you, Michael? WHAT?”

#3 Lookalike brides

This season is really serving up reality contestants with celebrity TV and movie doppelgängers – and we love it. First up is Scarlett, who is the love child of Barbie (complete with a hot pink Barbie Dreamhouse), Sharpay Evans from Disney’s High School Musical and Cher Horowitz from Clueless. It’s like glitter, fluffy pens and pink threw up on Scarlett and we’re here for it – plus, she’s positive, honest and sweet to boot.

The other lookalike catching our attention this week? Nadia, the stunning flight attendant and part-time model, is a dead ringer for a young Mariska Hargitay (Lieutenant Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU). So, needless to say, Nadia is a stunner – and her groom Anthony can barely contain his gasp when he first sees her, admitting later that she “took his breath away”.

#4 The mother-in-law from hell

Nobody delivers must-watch reality TV like a mother-in-law on the loose and Scarlett’s mum doesn’t disappoint. First, she bails up the bridesmaids for an epic vent because groom Michael didn’t make eye contact with her at the ceremony. Then she gets into a slurred pow-wow to Michael’s family – including his protective sister – where she describes Michael as a “pig”. Class act, Mum. But wait, there’s more: she culminates the evening by bailing up Michael and giving him a serve. Her final thoughts? “I’ve seen worse unions.”

Yikes, just wait until Scarlett and co find out what Michael gets up to on weekends involving bottles of oil, G-strings and hundreds of screaming women…

#5 Anthony the catch

Just like dear Sean the cowboy who has already stolen the nation’s hearts, Anthony is another winning groom – and he’s sensitive with a capital S. In fact, he’s such a darling that Australian women will be collectively screaming “Where has this guy been hiding?” at their TV screens. Emotionally in tune, mature and just downright patient, yep, Nadia’s scored herself quite the man. But, considering she shut down their first kiss as husband and wife and put a pillow barrier between them in the marital bed, it could be a long, lonely road for our Prince Charming…

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