Married At First Sight recap episode ten

Anthony got a little too big for his boots.

The couples attended their second combined dinner party in tonight’s episode of Married At First Sight and things got heated!

Same same but different

The episode started with the reveal of Simon’s snazzy haircut and the other couples basically freaked out. Nick’s comment of “I think I’m gonna cry” was resonated through the group as they treated Simon like a little kid who has just gotten his first girlfriend. Aww. The person most chuffed with Simon’s hair is of course Alene, who could not take her eyes (or hands) off of her hubby. Simon even remarked that his new hair had attracted his wife like “flies to a piece of shit”. Jeez, he’s so romantic!

Cheryl and Andrew get back on the horse

After his first bride did a runner on the wedding night, Andrew entered back into the experiment tonight with Cheryl, who previously left after hubby Jonathan had been texting another contestant, Scarlett. The newly formed couple had their second date of riding horses and bonding over their failed marriages, but Andrew was a little taken aback when he realised that Cheryl was only 25, compared to his 38 years. Cheryl was not fazed by this information at all and Andrew brushed it off, but will this become an issue for the couple down the track?

Under the microscope

The dinner party got off to a low-key start as the couples played happy families but the tables soon turned when Cheryl and Andrew crashed dinner. The arrival of the new couple threw some of the contestants into a spin as they digested the new information. Andrew’s long-time friends Michelle and Sharon instantly switched into detective mode and grilled Cheryl on her intentions towards their friend “Jonesy”. It seems that Cheryl met the twin’s standards for now, but Cheryl was left with an ultimatum “treat Jonesy well or else” from both of them.

Anthony’s a control freak

Anthony has completely changed since the first episode and we can barely stand his crazy antics now. Cheryl and Andrew’s arrival sent him into a judgemental frenzy and he could not get over it. He interrogated Cheryl on and off for the entirety of the dinner party and had Cheryl in tears when he told her she “better get it right or you’re going to look like a f***ing idiot”. WHAT?! This comment sparked wife Nadia to tell her hubby to back off and be a bit more sensitive. Nadia’s public shaming of Anthony’s actions had him apologise like a dog with his tail between his legs. We doubt this is the last time that Anthony will get a little too big for his boots, but hopefully he keeps his nose in his backyard, rather than Cheryl and Andrew’s!

Trouble in paradise

After a morning of showering Sharon with affection and flowers, Nick and Sharon had a run-in at the dinner party when Sharon found out that Nick frequently visited strip clubs when he was a bachelor. This information did not go down well at all and caused Sharon to fire up, making the information public to the rest of the table. Nick’s embarrassment at this reveal caused him to tell Sharon to “have some respect”. This went down like a lead balloon with Sharon and she remained icy for the rest of the night.

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