Married At First Sight recap episode six

The Honeymoon period proved difficult for some.

Hands up if you’re having trouble keeping up with who’s who in the zoo that is Married At First Sight? Tonight’s episode featured all 10 couples on their honeymoons and it was tough to stay across all the drama. Here’s our ranking of who we think is on top of the love leader board.

Safe zone:

#1 Sean and Susan

These two are the only two that we can hand on heart swear seem to be 100% the real deal! While the experts may have a lot to answer for when it comes to the questionable matches of the other couple Sean and Susan are in L-O-V-E! Their honeymoon in Airlie beach looked as gorgeous as the couple themselves. We pray to god these guys make it – otherwise, all faith is lost.

#2 Nadia and Anthony

Both Nadia and Anthony seem refreshingly mature, and, well, normal. Sure, Nadia keeps her cards close to her chest, but she’s still trying. And thankfully, Anthony is respecting her need for space. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for these two.

Danger zone:

#3 Simon and Alene

Alene manages to squeeze her favourite line into tonight’s episode again. In case you needed to hear it one more time – “The physical attraction – I wouldn’t say it’s there yet.” Despite getting up close and personal during dance lessons, we’re not sure there’s enough spark to keep this fire burning.

#4 Michelle and Jesse

These two have been a surprising slow burn – but as with Alene above, we’re just not sure if Michelle find’s Jesse physically attractive. If we had to make the call now, this one’s heading straight for the friend zone.

What honeymoon dreams are made of.

#5 Nick and Sharon

These guys started off strong, but Sharon’s confession that she’d cheated on a previous partner really put a spanner in the works. The news could be a deal-breaker for Nick. Watch this space.

#6 Andrew and Vanessa

It’s difficult to tell how this couple are going from the five seconds of screen time they got in tonight’s episode but we’re guessing it can’t be going gloriously or we would have seen it.

#7 Cheryl and Jonathan

When Cheryl told Jonathan that he “wasn’t the ugliest thing” she’d ever seen – she implied that he also wasn’t the most attractive thing she’d ever seen and boy did that hurt Jonathan’s ego. Of course he handled it like the mature man that he is by giving her the silent treatment and then making her bungee jump off a bridge. We’re viewing it as a sign of the direction their relationship is headed.

Happier times – right before Cheryl told Jonathan she wasn’t attracted to him.

**Hell zone:

#8 Scarlett and Michael**

These two hit rocky ground the very shortly after Michael mentioned he was a male stripper – surprise! Who knew that one was probably going to end badly? After the shock announcement, things descended very quickly. Perhaps, sensing the way it was headed, Michael attempted to get in first with a, “I see this as a friendship” line. Scarlett shot back with “I think you’re the fakest person I’ve ever men.” Look, who knows, they could be one of those break-up, kiss, make-up couples. They both seem to thrive off the drama.

The picture of a happy couple.

#9 Deborah and John

These two are so great as individuals, but together they are a total nightmare. Tonight, Deborah cracked and asked the question we’ve all been thinking, “Why did we do all that Polynesian theme if there was no Polynesians?” A very valid question, Deb. Sleeping in separate beds on the second night of your honeymoon is not a great sign.

#10 Lauren and Andrew

Yikes – this was next level awkward. Good on Lauren for facing up to Andrew and apologising for leaving without and explanation. But my god, that scene was so intense and uncomfortable. We hope this experience hasn’t scared the two of them off finding love for life!

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