Married At First Sight recap episode nine

Happy wife, happy life, right?!

Things got REAL when the remaining couples on Married At First Sight moved in together. Here’s five key takeaways from tonight’s episode.

John out

If John had a mic, consider it DROPPED. After a night imagining what officially moving in with Deb would look like, John knew in his heart that it was time to write her a letter and leave before she woke up. Look, we get that it’s heaps awkward, but a letter, really? It’s a bit of a cop out. Despite their differences Deb probably deserved a face-to-face explanation. But did she seem sad to see the end of John? Hell no. Pretty sure she’s on the next flight back to Samoa right now.

Locks of love

Alene FINALLY has the hots for Simon and he doesn’t know what to do. Have you EVER seen a man more uncomfortable than post-makeover Simon? To be fair, the guy deserves some credit. He was really out of his comfort zone and he played along (albeit reluctantly) to make Alene happy. Judging on her reaction – we’d say he’s done himself a serious favour.

Hey good lookin’…

Michelle’s got cold feet (again)

Michelle had a small breakdown at the end of tonight’s episode. She’s not sure if she’s as keen on Jesse as he is on her. Or, does Michelle just want what her sister Sharon’s got and she can’t have it? Here’s a bit of tough love Michelle – get your head in the game and focus on your own relationship with a guy that’s clearly into you, than worrying about what everyone else is doing.

If in doubt, buy jewellery

Nick knew that he stuffed up at the dinner party by going a bit too hard on the wines. He tried to make amends by showering his wife in gifts. It’s an expensive, yet effective strategy and while it worked today, we wouldn’t recommend this as a long-term option.

Fireman Andrew is back (again)

Having broken things off with Jonathon, Cheryl thought she may as well have a crack at Andrew while she was here. After all, what’s there to lose? Andrew and Cheryl had a great first date and looks like there could me more ahead. Does this mean they’ll stay in the show?! We hope so!

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