Married At First Sight recap episode five

Double trouble!

Put on your best trackies, grab the popcorn and turn the phone on silent because the biggest wedding in Married At First Sight history has arrived.

Let’s meet identical twin sisters, Sharon and Michelle. They’re blonde, bubbly and looking for love. They’re as close as close can be; two peas in a pod; Thelma & Louise. But after sharing a womb, are they willing to go their own ways and find their true love?

The younger of the two siblings by four minutes and 59 seconds, Michelle is the life of the party. Having lived out her single years to the fullest, this globe-trotting gal is trading in her former life for love. The experts don’t waste any time in matching her with fruit market employee, Jesse. The flirty, fresh-faced fellow looks good on paper, but he seems to be a bit nonchalant about the whole thing. It’s not First Dates Jesse, it’s MARRIAGE!

Older twin Sharon is goal-orientated. She owns her own home and business and is ready to find someone to share that with. Bless. Sharon is partnered with self-appointed ‘bogan’, Nick. He is a country boy who resides in Melbourne. Warning: his baby blues will have you transfixed. The whole show could pass by and you wouldn’t know.

With the introductions out of the way, let’s debrief about:


As the blonde siblings head out to find “the perfect” wedding dress, things get a little confusing. Not only do they choose to wear the same dress, but everything from the hair and makeup down to the shoes is EXACTLY the same. Even their best gal pals took a second glance. We understand you’re twins, but was it absolutely necessary? WE GET IT.


You could cut the awkward tension with a knife. As Jesse waited nervously to meet his bride, Nick appeared. Queue priceless reactions and a few chuckles from the wedding guests as Jesse’s stepdad jokes, “Is there something you need to tell us?”

As Sharon and Michelle appeared, you could almost see the light bulbs flicker above Jesse and Nick’s head. TWINS!

As the foursome met, we were then subjected to an unusually long amount of cringe-worthy small talk and high-pitched laughter that made us want to curl under the blankets and never come out. Even the couples wanted to move things along.


We’re no experts, but trying to pass the “I used to be a drug dealer” joke to your wife’s parents on the first meeting is a no-no. Luckily, Michelle’s dad was kind enough to let Jesse get away with it, but the mother was not impressed. Not cool Jesse, not cool.

As far as weddings go, both couples seemed to be quite smitten with each other. After the dreaded feeling of marrying a stranger passed, Sharon and Nick were the picture of blossoming love. As for Michelle and Jesse, they went from no spark to a tiny campfire. Let’s see how they shape up over the coming weeks!

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