Married At First Sight recap episode 7

Tears, tantrums and the stripper bomb is dropped.

Tonight’s episode saw the couples return to Sydney from their honeymoons and attend the first combined dinner party and boy did things get interesting! Let’s break down how we think each couple is faring after this episode.

On the brink of doom:

#1 Deborah and John

The tail-end of Deb and John’s honeymoon did not go well and this continued for the rest of the episode. The Honeymoon Box was more of a Pandora’s Box as the pair discussed what their deal breakers are in a relationship. Deb’s were as follows: someone that drinks a lot, gambles a lot, someone who watches football every weekend and smoking. Actually she repeated smoking six times just too really rub it in John’s face. But despite naming every single one of John’s qualities she hates, Deb still told the camera that she remained optimistic about their future… Are we on the same planet?

But things took a turn for the worse at the dinner party when Deb chatted about their marriage to the others, telling everyone that John “dumped her” on their wedding night and has since removed his wedding ring. Cheryl tried to counsel Deb on her marriage woes but Deb was not having it and eventually she walked out of the dinner party and caught a cab home, without John even noticing. That’s not a great sign…

Deb was not happy Jan.

#2 Cheryl and Jonathan

Another couple on the brink of breaking up is Cheryl and Jonathan, all because of Cheryl’s comment that she is not attracted to him. Cue Jonathan sulking for the ENTIRE episode. We get it, it’s not a nice thing to hear from your wife but come on, you need to rally if you want this to work. Instead of trying again with Cheryl, Jonathan spent most of the dinner party nursing an extremely large glass of wine and sulking whilst his wife chatted (read: flirted) with newly single Andrew. At the end of the night Cheryl’s attempts to re-engage with her husband were futile as Jonathan reverted deeper into himself, causing Cheryl to leave the party in tears.

Cheryl tried to mend fences but Jonathan wasn’t playing.

#3 Scarlett and Michael

One of the more baffling relationships is between Scarlett and Michael. The pair started the episode on good terms as “friends”, as Michael kept reminding both Scarlett and the camera, but the dinner party saw the couple get less and less friendly. Michael did his best to “impression manage” Scarlett at the party but as the night wore on this façade broke down, leading to a frosty Michael. Feeding off of Michael’s attitude, Scarlett decided to let everyone in on the secret that Michael is a stripper, uttering the phrase “The princess and the stripper”, which is possibly the best sentence ever.

An awkward kiss between “friends”.

#4 Andrew

Well, Andrew’s relationship isn’t on the brink of doom, it’s already imploded with Lauren leaving the experiment, but Andrew rallied and joined the other couples at the dinner party. He graciously explained the situation to the others and thoroughly enjoyed his night which included flirting with Cheryl and drinking with Nick.

Andrew drinking his feelings away.

Luke-warm feelings:

#5 Vanessa and Andy

Once again Vanessa and Andy barely featured in this episode so it’s hard to tell how they are really going. As far as we can tell Andy is quiet and Vanessa is loud. Yep, that about sums it up…

Vanessa and Andy chatting to Deb before she left.

#6 Alene and Simon

Despite not being attracted to Simon, Alene seemed much more affectionate with her hubby. The couple kept to themselves for much of the dinner party, preferring to watch the other couples crumble the more they drank, but there was some hand-holding at the dinner table which we think is a positive sign. Maybe Alene will get over her attraction issue and learn to love Simon?

Hope springs eternal:

#7 Michelle and Jesse

The end of the honeymoon proved to be a winner for Michelle and Jesse as the couple got closer and Michelle dropped her guard a bit more. Jesse even surprised Michelle with a picnic overlooking the water which proved to be a lovely, albeit sweaty afternoon. The dinner party was also a success for the couple as they bonded with Sharon and Nick.

Michelle and Jesse got much closer on their honeymoon.

#8 Sharon and Nick

The big question that loomed over this couple’s head was whether or not Nick could overcome the fact that Sharon had cheated in the past. After much soul-searching on the honeymoon Nick told a relieved Sharon that he wanted to give them a chance and he was willing to give “150 per cent” if she was. But Nick got a tad sloppy at the dinner party, leading to an unimpressed Sharon and a slightly judge-y Michelle.

Nick and Sharon on their honeymoon.

Love is in the air:

#9 Nadia and Anthony

This marriage is definitely a slow-burn but we love that! Both Nadia and Anthony seem committed to giving this a red-hot go but they are not taking it too fast. The dinner party brought the couple closer with lots of subtle kissing and hand-holding and Anthony’s reaction to Nadia’s dress pre-dinner party was adorable: “You’ll stop traffic in that dress.” Aww you guys!

#10 Susan and Sean

Despite meeting on a reality dating show, Susan and Sean already seem to be the real deal. The couple didn’t get a whole lot of air time tonight. Why film the happy couple whilst other couples are imploding around them?

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