Married at First Sight couples reveal they’re now all single

After watching the Married at First Australia finale last night, we thought all three remaining couples stayed together. But now, they’ve all revealed that their relationships are over!

Yep, in a interview with The Fix, Keller and Nicole, Bella and Michael and Mark and Monica spoke out about their failed relationships, and that they’re now all single!


Keller revealed to The Fix that he’s still in love with Nicole. “I feel like we are meant to be together, but I don’t know if now is the right time.

“I still have heavy, heavy feelings for her, but it’s just really hard when she’s indecisive. I said to her the other day, ‘It’s really unfair on me to be going through this – I can’t keep going like this.’”

Nicole revealed she couldn’t move past Keller’s behaviour and his lack of independence.

“While we connected on a lot of levels – like we could have a good laugh together, and we have similar morals and values – there were just some behaviours that I couldn’t get past.”


Bella and Michael have also called it quits, although they both said they loved each other on the show.

Once the cameras stopped rolling, they realised that their lifestyles were too different to make the relationship work.

Michael admitted he likes to stay at home, while Bella likes to go out.

“We just had two completely different lifestyles,” he tells the website. “She’s a natural extrovert, and I’m actually an introvert.”

While they’re both currently single, Bella said she would be “less selfish” going into a relationship in the future.


Mark and Monica looked more like friends on the show, and ultimately that’s what ended their relationship.

After filming stopped they realised they didn’t have much in common – but they remain friends.

“Once the experiment finished, we didn’t really have as much in common as we really wanted to have in common,” Mark revealed.

“We both went into it with very good intentions…[but] when the cameras stopped rolling, I think it was very clear that we were better just as friends,” Monica said.

Despite all five couples (two of which split on their honeymoon) having failed relationships, producers are already teasing us with a “bigger than ever” upcoming 2017 season with 20 singles!

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