Have we been feeling sorry for the wrong team on House Rules?

Did Andrew and Jono have the toughest rules after all?
House Rule Kate and Harry Andrew and Jono

At the start of the House Rules charity apartment reno, everyone was sympathising with Kate and Harry. They had to work with the “neoclassical” and “taxidermy” rules set by judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

“We nearly cried when we read the rules,” Kate tells TV WEEK.

But the SA couple say that three or four days into the renovation, they accepted that it was a design competition and they had to abide by the rules.

“Once we did, we hit the ground running,” Harry adds.

By the end of the week, the couple were feeling a lot more confident.

“I feel that every time we’ve done really well, we went ‘out there’,” Harry says. “It’s a television show, so they don’t want it to be plain, they want it to be ‘out there’ and different. I feel that it was probably a good choice going with Laurence.”

Kate thinks they’re delivering something different.

“No one’s seen neoclassical or taxidermy!”

Meanwhile, WA twins Andrew and Jono felt less confident with their renovation as the days went by. Jono says they ended up not really liking the rules set by judge Drew Heath.

“At first I thought they were good rules, but after looking at them for longer, there really wasn’t much guidance,” he says. “Going back to nature with an easy modern style? It’s not really a design style, so we never knew what we were meant to be doing. Sunset colours? There’s such a broad range of colours.

“We actually thought at the end our rules were the most challenging rules, because the others had clear colours, clear styles.”

As for Queensland’s Aaron and Daniella, they were constantly doubting themselves while doing the art deco renovation for judge Wendy Moore.

“I lacked a bit of confidence in what I was doing in charity, having that art deco theme,” Daniella says. “I wanted to really impress Wendy. Every day I was going, ‘Have we nailed this, have we got this?’”

So which two teams really did get the judges’ rules – and which team will be going home?

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