Family Food Fight’s Concetta: “I lost 47kg to save my life”

The mother-of-three reveals her amazing weight-loss transformation.
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Mother-daughter duo Pina and Concetta Pluchinotta’s Family Food Fight journey has been a bumpy ride.

While filming the stressful challenges, the pair marked the 13th anniversary of Pina’s late husband’s passing.

But beyond that devastating heartache, Concetta has been on an emotional weight-loss journey that has restored her confidence, as well as her relationship with her three teenage sons.

“Prior to going on the show I weighed 120kg. Around 2009, I went in and had a lap-band operation,” the home cook tells Woman’s Day, before revealing she now weighs 73kg.

Concetta and her mum Pina are battling it out on Family Food Fight. (Image: Channel Nine)

While Concetta had her sights set on a healthier future, the surgery didn’t work.

“The lap-band surgery made me constantly sick, it was horrible. I’d never ever recommend it to anybody,” says Concetta. “When I ate, I basically had to vomit, because they made the band too tight around my stomach, and then loosening it really defeated the purpose”.

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Three years later, Concetta underwent gastric bypass surgery, which she says changed her entire outlook on life. The 46-year-old insists she didn’t take the easy way out. Having tried every weight-loss trick, she knew that surgery, while extreme, could be the only solution to escaping a lifestyle that wasn’t going to be healthy for her in the long run.

“It’s hard work! The surgery is serious and invasive, and after my operation I had an obstruction of my bowels,” says Concetta.

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She explains that while her weight never affected her relationship with her husband, she did miss opportunities with her children.

“My kids knew I was unhappy,” says Concetta. “Every time they would say to me, ‘Mum, come for a walk, come for a run, come to the pool with us,’ I would never go”.

Years on and she’s battling it out on a show she says is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her and her mother, and Concetta’s happier than ever.

“[The surgery] changed my life,” she says. “I’m obviously healthier and feeling healthier. I feel more comfortable with myself, and rather than hiding from people I feel a lot more confident”.

Concetta tried lap-band surgery but it made her sick.

She still enjoys her favourite foods, including pizza and pasta.

Concetta was also hospitalised for a bowel obstruction.

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