Christie Jordee slams Married At First Sight

If you believe what's on your TV your being naive.

Former Married At First Sight contestant has taken to Instagram to share her opinion on the show – and it’s not positive.

Christie was matched with Mark Hughes in season two of the reality dating series. The couple officially broke up a couple of months after their season ended.

Today, Christie commented on a photo of contestants Deborah and John from last night’s episode.

John and Deborah. Credit: Instagram/MarriedAU

“I think they are both really sweet but not a match. I could do better than these experts,” she wrote.

In response to other comments on the image, Christie added the following:

“Also if you believe what’s on TV your being naïve. After six weeks, 18 hour days filming and you see a few mins after cutting and editing you think you know that person? Really? I bet you thought Mark was a farmer? Well, hate to burst the bubble but we lived on his DADS farm and Mark is in construction (he wants to be a farmer) but wasn’t while filming or together. All smoke and mirrors Hun, whatever makes good TV.”

She went on to criticise the heavy-handed editing of the show.

“It was an experience let’s put it that way but hated when they cut my sentences,” She said. “The editing is either harsh or fab depends what the editor wants.”

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