Bachelorette’s Ben: ‘I would have preferred Sam Frost’

He had a crack at impressing Georgia Love, but Ben’s quick-wit and bowel-movement talk failed to impress. NW’s Entertainment Editor Karina Recchi chatted to the lad from The Gong about why Georgia wasn’t the girl for him.

You stacked it when you met Georgia – was that a sign the could-be relationship was headed south?

Yeah I did it on purpose – there’s no way I’m accidentally going to trip up on a tiny step. I think maybe I should start lying and say, “Nah, it was an accident and I was that witty that I came up with that line [I’m falling for you already]”. Maybe I will…

Oh, no! So did you feel bad when Georgia stacked it for real?

It was just like a sympathy thing, I think she just did it for me, “That poor guy ate crap I’m just going to make him feel [better].”

She got hammered – her knees and shins got demolished and not one single drop of wine was spilt. I went crazy when I saw that.

I probably could have toned it down, I was revving it out in fifth gear. I could have just idled in there for a little bit…

There was no idling for you – you went straight in telling her you’d done “three nervous poos” before meeting her. Cringe!

I guess if you can’t talk to a partner about something that’s happened during your day… One day I’m going to have to watch my partner have a baby, so God, if I can’t tell her I’ve done a poo we’re in for a bit of strife.

I think I could eased into that one; maybe I could have waited until we’ve possibly sat out and had our talk and told her then… You would be lying if you didn’t though, there are two types of people in this world: people who do them and people who lie about doing them.

Well it may have failed to impress Georgia, but it garnered some laughs!

With a head like this, you need to be funny, don’t ya? I can’t exactly get through life with good looks; I mean look at these crazy eyes [I’ve] got. Gee wiz, you need to be funny or you’ve got nothing…

Humour is what Georgia’s looking for, too! Were you gutted to leave so early on?

It was a bit of an ego crush, but you know not everyone’s for everybody…

Georgia’s quite polished, were you expecting someone a little more tomboyish?

Yeah, obviously I probably would have had more of a chance with Sam Frost. Georgia’s a smart, well-educated woman, and I’m, you know, I’m talking about my poo.

We’re chalk and cheese but you’ve got to be in it to get the biscuit. She’s more like Monte Carlo and I’m more of like a Milk Arrowroot type.

So have you found the tea to your Milk Arrowroot?

I’m sort of just back on tinder, back out there trying to find the unicorn I’ve been looking for.

So who are you tipping to win then?

Matty J and Matt D have good values towards women and are in there for all the right reasons – I mean, as much as you can be in there for the right reasons on a television show.

First impressions rose – should it have gone to Courtney?

We all knew it was a toss-up between him and [Lee]. That donkey, Chelsea, was pretty good. I reckon Lee should have gotten it, even just for thinking of that. Courtney’s a sweet guy who works with kids.

And you know anyone who works with kids is a good person so…

And anyone who can make their own jewellery, too, obviously…

I can’t steal that pasta bracelet idea now… The girl would be like you’ve stolen that off Courtney, and he’s probably given her a two-minute noodle necklace to match…

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