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EXCLUSIVE: The Super Switch’s Olga reveals why working at Hooters was one of her “favourite” jobs ever

''It's one of the best places to work!''
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The best thing about a new reality TV show, is meeting the colourful new characters that come with it.

And Channel 7’s The Super Switch has certainly delivered.

From a past Bachelorette contestant who wears a very questionable mankini to a man who thinks that women “whinge and carry on”, we’ve certainly begun to see the true side of this brand new cast.

For the fiery 28-year old Canadian, Olga Tori – the stunning blonde has come in all-guns-a-blazin’ with a passionate jealous streak to rival that of a green eyed monster but after some easy digging (thank you Instagram), we found that her past job history is, ahem, a little unorthodox.

You see, Olga was a Hooters waitress in both Canada and Surfer’s Paradise – and she’s damn proud of it.

In an exclusive chat with Now to Love, Olga opens up about one of her favourite places to work and why it is NOTHING like its “reputation”.

Olga wearing one of her Hooters’ uniforms in 2012.

(Image: Instagram @olgatori)

“Working there was a lot of fun,” Tori revealed during the chat. “It was actually probably one of my favourite jobs because I still have friends there that I’ve had for years, that I made there and they’re like my best friends.”

The genetically-blessed star is also very well aware of the company’s reputation – but she insists it’s nothing like you would have read.

“I actually started working at Hooters before I met Tyler and it was just like a restaurant job,” she said. “And it’s actually not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.”

“To tell you the truth, a lot of negative things are written about it and people think that it’s bad and very sexual or something – but really it’s not. It was more like working at a sorority with a bunch of girls.

“Yes, our uniform is a little bit ‘open’,” she added. “But we wear tights, we wear socks, we wear shorts and we pull them down to cover our butts. Yes, we have our cleavage out a little bit – but I’ve seen other restaurants that have had a lot more.”

Olga and a friend at Hooters.

(Image: Instagram @olgatori)

Like any job in hospitality – or anywhere for that matter – it did have some downsides.

“On the whole, it’s a lot of fun and the customers are great,” she said. “I mean I have had some like weird customers to deal with but the managers are always really nice and really protective. They’ll protect you 100 percent. Anything you say, they will choose the girls over anything or anyone. I never had any issues working there.”

In fact, Olga loved her job at the company so much that when she moved to Australia with her boyfriend, Tyler Franko, she chose to work in a franchise here.

Another day, another Hooters pic on the gram.

(Image: Instagram @olgatori)

And speaking of her relationship with Tyler, the couple have already had quite the fiery start to their time on Super Switch – mainly due to Olga’s fiery personality.

But, there’s a reason behind her insecurity.

“I’ve never caught him cheating,” she admits, “so I’m assuming he hasn’t – but he has been talking to other girls and lying to me about where he’s going.

“He’ll tell me he’s going to meet with a client and then he’ll tell me it’s a guy client, but then later on I find out that it’s a girl.”

WATCH NEXT: Meet Tyler and Olga. Story continues after video…

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“He told me that one time he was going to do a male only photo shoot, but it was actually all female. He told his business partner to block me on Instagram so I wouldn’t see it. But then my friends were contacting me, and when I asked him about it he said: ‘oh I didn’t want to tell you’.”

“I feel like after being together for almost seven years, you kind of just sit and talk and you work through it like if you know that I’m really insecure and it will hurt me, but you still want to do it.

“Since you have your own business, why not just invite me to come with you so I can see that there’s no threat but I can see that you actually are working and that you’re not out flirting – then I’d feel a lot safer.”

It seems the pair still have a lot to iron out and we think things are only going to get worse from here.

The Super Switch continues on Wednesdays at 7:30pm on Channel 7

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