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Bachelor 2018: Does an old interview prove Nick Cummins ends up alone?

''It wouldn't be one of the ones on the show, that's for sure!''
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Oh dear! It seems like there’s more proof that Nick has either broken up with or doesn’t even end up with one of the girls on The Bachelor.

In an interview that has resurfaced by Men’s Health from before the show began, the 30-year-old former rugby player didn’t seem too interested in the girls he was presented with.

“Mate, I wouldn’t put my money on 99 per cent of those girls,” Nick said when the reporter questioned him about who he should get for the office sweeps.

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While his answer was completely unconvincing, 100 per cent minus 99 per cent, does leaves you with one percent… meaning “one girl”, which is probably what he meant (Don’t worry Osher, we’ve got you covered with the “rose maths”), but it’s still a bit odd.

He was also asked to create his perfect woman, which also presented some very large, blowin’ in the wind, red flags.

“I’d create her myself. It wouldn’t be one of the ones on the show, that’s for sure! Did you mean on the show? I mean… it… it wouldn’t be anyone that I’ve already met… If it was me on the first episode last night, it wouldn’t have been one of them,” Nick Cummins claimed.

Pardon? One you haven’t met? What does he even mean?!

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And then there was the part the journo asked if he would do it all over again… only if he hadn’t found the right woman of course.

“Ah, I’ve done my dash,” he said. “Nah, mate, I need to spend a good few years out of the game.”

Well, we are shook and this all seems VERY fishy to us now that we’re almost at the pointy end of the show.

While we’re sure he picks a winner, just how long he stays with her is anyone’s guess until it all comes out.

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