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Married at First Sight: Ryan set to make an explosive return!

“Now that he’s single again, it’s all systems go.”
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He was the breakout star of last season’s Married At First Sight – and possibly next season, too!

The scandalous Ryan Gallagher is making an epic return to the hit series, and his next stint is set to be just as explosive as the last.

Ryan is ready for round two after his stint with Davina. (Image: Channel 9)

NW has heard whispers of the hushed up secret, with his popularity being a catalyst for a second chance on the show.

“It’s the biggest secret of next season,” spills an insider.

“Fans were obsessed with him, so Channel Nine were desperate to bring him back.

But according to the source, 30-year-old Ryan’s return almost wasn’t going to happen.

“At first it wasn’t even an option because he’d tried it once before – and that ended in disaster – and then he met someone that he was keen on.”

Indeed, Ryan certainly tested boundaries on the show, telling the Herald Sun earlier this year that he was asked to leave the show after being caught in bed with another costar.

And it was not Davina!

In fact, in a twist no one saw coming, the costar in question was Telv Williams when they ended up in the same hotel room after a big night out.

The bromance got the pair of them into a lot of trouble when Telv’s wife on the show, Sarah Roza, contacted the producers thinking her hubby was cheating on her.

The two lads caused quite a stir with producers! (Image: Instagram / @telv11)

After the show, Ry was reported to be dating Kiwi model Ayla Browne, telling Nine Honey Celebrity: “It’s my first relationship since the show and my first real relationship in the past four years.”

“She’s met my parents and everything… She’s the fifth girl I’ve taken down there… or actually fourth — I don’t include Davina.”

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“It’s my first relationship since the show and my first real relationship in the past four years.” (Image: @ryangallaghergram Instagram)

But now, it appears he’s a single man again, and it’s all systems go!

“They want to bring him in halfway through the season at a dinner party and see if any of the girls ditch their hubbies for him,” the source spills of Channel Nine’s plan.

Well, would you blame ’em?

WATCH: Davina and Ryan clash over THOSE oysters on MAFS:

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