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Did My Kitchen Rules’ Mark plant a hair in Roula and Rachael’s dish?

The cooking competition gets spicy with sabotage.
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Cooking competition MKR: The Rivals has been rife with strategic voting and sneaky tactics this season.

But a questionable move by Mark this week has the other contestants up in arms when it appears he’s planted a hair in a rival team’s dish.

MKR‘s Roula and Rachael suspect hair in their dish.

(Image: Channel Seven)

During House Manu’s restaurant takeover of the famous Imperial Hotel in Sydney’s Erskineville, Mark strays from the table to visit some of the general public due to vote on the dishes.

“In every challenge, I try to see some of the public to see if I can sway their vote,” professional poker player Mark, 40, explains to TV WEEK.

“I wanted to take what they were saying and try to twist their words and get them to admit they weren’t the best dishes ever, thereby potentially swaying their scores.”

When a patron noticed a hair in their food, fingers were quickly pointed.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Mark’s rivals don’t know what to make of his behaviour – until a patron brings a dish back to the kitchen: there’s a hair in their food! In the wake of the incident, fingers are quickly pointed.

“It was music to my ears when I heard Roula and Rachael had a hair in one of their dishes,” Mark admits, but vehemently denies being involved in any way.

“It was absolutely impossible for me to have done that,” he says. “I would never do that – unless, of course, I thought I could get away with it.”

WATCH BELOW: The MKR rivalry between Jess and Emma and Rachael and Roula heats up. Post continues after video…

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In a previous chat with TV WEEK Mark said he stood by his decision to strategically give Dan and Steph only a one out of 10 for their efforts at their first instant restaurant.

“If you’re playing in a team, surely the object of the game is for your team to win?” Mark said, before adding that his competitors Kerry and Kaylene had the wrong idea.

“She’s [Kerry] very moralistic and that was driving me crazy,” Mark revealed. “I had to start forming alliances with other contestants to ensure we were getting ourselves in a good position [on the leader board].”

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