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EXCLUSIVE: Inside the bombshell MKR fight, as Romel lashes out at Dan and Steph

''They're snakes!''
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Well, that didn’t take long! My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals has only just begun and already season 10 drama king Romel Kouyan has brought his spoon out to stir up drama with his fellow amateur chefs.

But while Romel – who’s been paired with Sophia Pou – doesn’t mind sharpening his claws when the situation calls for it, he tells NW his behaviour should be the least of the other teams’ worries.

In fact, Romel claims that it’s actually married couple Dan and Steph Mulheron who are the real “snakes” of the competition.

So sssss-savage!

Hi, Romel. So fill us in on what’s been going on – when did you, Dan and Steph start clashing?

When you live with people, you see their true colours – and all the drama seemed to revolve around Dan and Steph. As soon as the cameras were on, they turned into different people.

It wasn’t just fake – it was disappointing how they acted. They seem very manipulative. The best way to describe them is they’re just snakes!

WATCH BELOW: The MKR rivalry between Jess and Emma and Rachael and Roula heats up. Post continues after video…

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Romel says the entire time Dan and Steph were being one way off-camera and completely different on-camera.

(Source: Seven)

What sort of things were they doing?

The minute we stopped filming, Dan would come up to me and say, “What are you going to say about so-and-so? I’m going to say this, and then you jump in and attack him.”

But then when we’d start filming again, he and Steph would play the role of Australia’s Sweethearts. They’re the most strategic players in the entire comp.

How did the drama affect your teammate Sophia?

When Dan and Steph were turning the tables on us – which felt like a pack mentality – it made Sophia feel really uncomfortable.

It was hard for her because Dan was always trying to intimidate her. I think she felt threatened by the both of them.

Dan and Steph have landed themselves in hot water after being at the helm of all the drama.

(Source: Seven)

Well, it’s clear you guys don’t get on. Are there any competitors that you do like?

I love Roula! She was one of the people I just really clicked with straight away.

What do you think about her and Ben’s blossoming romance?

We think they’re so cute together… Look, Roula is in her thirties and is looking for love.

She wants a partner – she wants to get married and have babies.

She’s from Melbourne and so is Ben, so I’m excited to see where this relationship goes for her. They had an instant attraction the minute we started filming – and everyone saw it. I’m so happy for her!

Meanwhile, NW magazine went to Dan and Steph for a comment and they defended their actions on the show.

“So if being a snake means sticking up for people at the table, then I am a snake,” Dan says.

MKR: The Rivals airs 7:30pm Sunday to Wednesday on Channel Seven.

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