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MAFS: Jessika sends shockwaves through the group with a massive revelation

She kept this one quiet!
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Just when you thought Tamara Joy and Jessika Power’s fight over Dan would be the focal point of the drama on Married at First Sight – in comes Jess’s revelation about Mark and Mick that sends everyone into a tailspin!

In what seems like a deja vu, the couples head off on separate girls and boys nights, and while the men discuss the future of their relationships, the girls are at loggerheads – and all because of Jess.

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“Why is it always me under the microscope?” Jessika asks the girls after they question her over wanting to sleep with Dan. But she gets flustered and decides to change the subject.

“Ning,” she says. “The things that Mick has brought up about you and Mark… they’re not nice.”

She then continues to say that her husband has spoken about them on numerous occasions – including causing more insecurity in an already insecure Ning.

“I didn’t want to bring it up tonight,” Jessika says, which goes against everything she has ever said. She’s either a master manipulator or cannot keep track of her lies….

“He lies to you,” she says. “Mick and Mark have both said after this experiment ends, they’re going to go and f— a whole bunch of b—-es.” Ummm..excuse me potty mouth. No thanks.

Us too, Tam! Us too! (Source: Channel 9)

Naturally, the girls are absolutely shocked. In fact, Tamara calls Jess out, saying that Mark is completely genuine and she calls BS on the whole situation.

“I think that Jess is deflecting from her issues to someone else,” Tam tells the cameras – and yes Tam, that’s exactly what she is doing.

Ning is naturally upset and questions Jess’ motives, but she worries that the information is not something you can just “pull out of a hat”.

Heidi has had enough of the drama.

“Whether you like it or not, we’ve only got each other,” Heidi says. “And if we don’t look after each other, we will have no one.”

“Let’s just cut the s—, stop talking about the rubbish. Stop talking about rumours – if someone is not here to defend themselves, do not talk about them.”

Meanwhile, sheepish Jessika has created a monster! (Source: Channel 9)

Heidi is having precisely none of this. (Source: Channel 9)

Ning is ready to hear it from the horse’s mouth – and in front of Jess and Mick – which doesn’t sound like a great idea but is definitely going to be great television…

So she sets a plan to do it tomorrow before the dinner party…

“If what Jess has said is true, I’m going to be really disappointed and really upset,” Ning says. “It’s going to be really hard for me to go home tonight and just be laying in the same bed as this man.”

Meanwhile, over at the boys camp – everything’s coming up Milhouse as the bromance continues…you better enjoy those beers boys!

A storm is coming!

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