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MAFS intruder Jessica Seracino abruptly quits the show, leaving Daniel Holmes to pursue his flirtation with Carolina Santos

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It’s safe to say Married At First Sight‘s final intruder couple Jess Seracino and Daniel Holmes had one of the biggest rollercoasters of emotions during their short-lived “marriage”.

So it didn’t come as a surprise to anyone when just a week into the experiment, Jess dramatically broke up with Daniel and effectively ended her time on the show.

But to understand how the couple got to breaking point, let’s take a look back at their tumultuous MAFS journey…

Daniel and Jess had instant chemistry on their wedding day.

(Image: Nine)

From the moment they laid eyes on each other at the altar, Jess and Daniel had instant chemistry. Their connection only continued to grow on their wedding night when they bonded over the tragic loss of their siblings.

But their promising romance soon came to a dramatic halt when Jess told Daniel in passing that when she has her “real life wedding” she will wear something more practical.

Caught off guard, Daniel said he was disappointed to hear that Jess wasn’t taking the experiment as seriously as him, and he abruptly left to go to the bathroom.

“I’m not trying to overthink it but this [wedding] is very, very real to me… what is this then, is it fake? I feel like I’m a good judge of character but I’m just not getting the best vibes,” he told the cameras.

Jess was shocked at Daniel’s mood shift and told the producers: “What just happened? I thought we were getting along quite well and then he just kind of leaves and cracks it. I don’t like that.”

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When confronted by Daniel to ask if she was genuinely looking for love, Jess explained that if they were to end up together, she would want her a legally binding ceremony without any cameras.

“If we are to work out, I would still want [a ceremony] with our family and friends, 100 per cent. Why freak out and leave and not speak to me and ask me what I meant?” Jess asked Daniel, adding that it felt like her groom had “a tantrum”.

Daniel responded: “I don’t think I was cracking the s–ts, I was just a bit overwhelmed… I just want you to be honest about your intentions.”

The pair eventually made up and Daniel admitted to the cameras that he felt like “an idiot” for potentially ruining their budding relationship.

But Jess was easy to forgive Daniel for running away from their troubles, and praised him for later “taking accountability for his actions.”

Jess found herself in hot water at the dinner party.

(Image: Nine)

The pair then got back on track and were able to bond again after Daniel confided in Jess about his troubled upbringing.

“I’m glad I opened up to Jess and she responded better than I could have imagined,” he later said, with Jess adding that he is a “remarkable human being.”

But, just as soon as they made up, Jess and Daniel hit another awkward road block during the question box game when she asked her new husband what she would need to change physically to be more his type.

But Daniel refused to answer the question, prompting Jess to call him a “little b—h.”

At their first dinner party things didn’t get any better. Jess happily told the other contestants what she had said and refused to back down in a heated argument with Domenica Calarco, who questioned her intentions and called her a petulant child.

Meanwhile, Daniel began to engage in some light flirting with fellow intruder Carolina, telling the bride she is more his “type” than the other female contestants.

Jess didn’t back down at their first dinner party with their fellow contestants.

(Image: Nine)

By the time the couple’s first commitment ceremony rolled around, they had reached their breaking point. Jess wrote down “leave” but Daniel wanted to give their relationship another go and opted to stay, meaning both must remain in the experiment for another week.

But the following morning just moments after checking into their apartment, Jess told Daniel there was no going back for her, and she ended things for good.

“From day dot I felt that extreme disconnection to you. I feel like it started before we even had issues. This is the perfect time to tell you that I’m leaving,” she told Daniel.

“It clearly isn’t working, and I’m not going to fake it and it’s never gonna work.”

Daniel tried to no avail to get Jess to change her mind and give their relationship another crack, but the Melbourne-based florist grabbed her luggage and walked out.

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