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MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Domenica Calarco reveals why she stood up to Andrew Davis at that explosive dinner party

''There is a bit of bullying and a bit of cattiness and nastiness that goes on.''
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Domenica Calarco earned the praise of viewers for her staunch defence of Holly Greenstein against her on-screen husband Andrew Davis during Wednesday night’s explosive Married At First Sight dinner party.

Now, the outspoken makeup artist exclusively reveals to Now To Love why she stood up to Andrew, who initially managed to turn most of the group against his estranged wife.

Domenica earned praise for defending Holly at the second dinner party.

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“Honestly it was just the fact that two and two wasn’t going together,” she says.

“He would do anything to get everyone on his side and seeing Holly come in and being so upset and going as far as moving her chair away from him, I was like, ‘hang on let’s give this woman a moment to figure this out’.”

Domenica says Andrew, a professional motivational speaker, honed his speaking skills to turn the other brides and grooms against Holly.

“I think Andrew is very good at making everyone think that everything is sunshine and rainbows,” she says.

“We know he has that background of motivational speaking and I think there are a lot of people in general who are capable of doing the same thing.”

Domenica started seeing holes in Andrew’s version of events.

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Domenica also didn’t agree with Tamara Djordjevic bluntly telling Holly that her standards are “too high”.

“I was thinking, ‘Babe why do you reckon you’re here? Your standards are that high’. To say that to Holly I felt like that was very hypocritical.”

The 28-year-old also has some choice words for Olivia, who grilled Holly over her involvement in her relationship breakdown with Andrew.

“Don’t even get me started on Olivia. I don’t think anyone was expecting it but I think, you know, it’s safe to say there’s more to come in seeing a different side of people, not only of her but of everyone else,” she says.

“As we get more invested in the experiment ourselves in our own couples I think peoples more catty sides and true colours shine through.

Tamara recently told Now To Love that as the season continues, “bullying” among the cast becomes more prevalent.

“That’s interesting coming from Tamara,” Domenica laughs, hinting at drama with the outspoken businesswoman.

Domenica divided viewers after telling Jack she wants to be intimate more regularly.

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“There are definitely behaviours that people aren’t going to be proud of when they watch it back,” she reveals.

“There is a bit of bullying and a bit of cattiness and nastiness that goes on, but you’ll get that anywhere.”

Domenica copped flak from viewers last week for vehemently defending Selin over her fallout with her on-screen husband Anthony.

And while she has no regrets over standing up for her friend, she doesn’t condone Selin’s behaviour towards him.

“Obviously watching it back I saw and heard from things Selin that I definitely don’t agree with or support,” she admits.

“But I don’t regret [defending Selin] because at the time that’s how I felt and I didn’t see the behind the scenes.

Domenica says conversations around sex shouldn’t be taboo.

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“It’s really reflective on a real relationship because we don’t see what happens behind closed doors, we only see what the couple show us.

Domenica has divided viewers’ opinions in recent days due to her open and honest attitude toward sex, which saw her tell her onscreen husband Jack that she would like intimacy more regularly.

“It caused a lot of conversation in the wider community. I don’t think we are used to seeing women on TV who are actually so open and honest about their sexuality and willing to put themselves out there like that,” she says, adding that comments online have been “hurtful”.

“There’s people who think I’m pressuring Jack and that is completely not the case. We’re two consenting adults.

“We’re so used to seeing men being so sex positive and I’m like, ‘Hang on, if I’m horny and I want to have sex with my partner who likes me and finds me attractive, then who cares?'”

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Domenica says it felt “very taboo” to be having conversations around women having sex on their period, something she wants to tackle head on.

“I’m proud to stand by the way I was on TV and that’s the kind of woman I am. I go for what I want and I make it known – you don’t ask you don’t get.”

Domenica says that due to the breakdown of her first marriage, she is more hyperaware of the effects of lack of sex.

“Intimacy was one of the first things that really fell off the cliff in that relationship,” she admits.

“For me I tried to flip it as a positive [on MAFS]. I am a very intense person. In those conversations, Jack was a little intimidated.”

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