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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ KC says she’s ”fine” with husband Drew leaving her for Connie

Is this the next MAFS’ couple swap?
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Drew and… Connie?

In a bombshell twist, KC has revealed to TV WEEK that she told her Married At First Sight husband Drew she wouldn’t mind if he left her for Jonnie’s wife.

“It was like, ‘If you actually like her, I’d be fine if you wanted to jump ship,'” KC, 31, says.

Does Drew have his eyes on Connie?

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The dancer, who has just returned from 10 years working in Los Angeles, admits she “probably” would have been better matched with someone other than Cairns musician Drew.

Drew has labelled KC “superficial” and “materialistic” because of her designer gear and cosmetic surgery.

“That was the biggest strain in our relationship – how judgemental he was about things I liked or things I’d had done to myself,” KC explains.

“Maybe he needed someone a bit more like Connie, who didn’t care about the materialistic side of life.”

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KC, 31, says she wasn’t at all jealous of Connie, but did question Drew about her.

“I was thinking, ‘Well, if I’m not your type’, which he’d told me a bunch of times, ‘and Connie is, then go for it, and maybe I can go for someone else.'”

Connie and Jonnie have had their own ups and downs.

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So which of the grooms was she most attracted to?

“I’m not going to comment on that just yet, because there are so many rumours at the moment,” she says with a laugh.

This week on MAFS, Connie reveals she finds Drew attractive. Will all this talk lead anywhere?

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