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“They were shocked!” Sonia Kruger reveals how the Big Brother Australia cast were told about coronavirus

Plus, your first sneak peek at this year's Big Brother house!
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The rest of the world may be adapting to self-isolation, but the Big Brother Australia cast are one of the only groups in the world who have actually been in lockdown since before the COVID-19 outbreak.

And now, the show’s host Sonia Kruger has revealed exactly how this year’s incoming batch of reality TV stars were told about the pandemic.

“Our Executive Producer went into the house and spoke to them through the diary room. It wasn’t filmed, we felt it was better to do it this way and to preserve the integrity of the show. She didn’t go into the house,” Sonia Kruger told Sunrise on Thursday morning.

After being in lockdown at the Manly-based HQ in Sydney for several weeks, the housemates had no idea the world had been turned upside down, and were understandably rattled by the news.

“They were shocked, as most people would be learning the news about a worldwide pandemic,” Sonia explained.

“They were quite concerned about the football codes maybe not going ahead,” she laughed.

On the plus side, the Big Brother Australia cast are in one of the safest spaces in the world.

“They’re in a very safe place, ironically [in the] quarantined station just over there,” Sonia, who previously hosted the show between 2012-2014, and is set to return to this year’s refreshed pre-recorded format, said.

While the cast of Big Brother usually has to follow a strict media blackout from the outside world, the producers will be making an exception during these unprecedented times.

“We have a wellness manager, who is in contact with their friends and family on a daily basis,” Sonia confirmed.

Adding: “And they’ll be reporting back and we’ll be letting the housemates know because the last thing we want is for them to be concerned about their friends and family. The last thing we want is for them to be concerned.”

WATCH: Sonia Kruger on how they broke the coronavirus news to the Big Brother housemates. Post continues after the video…

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Taking no risks! Behind-the-scenes, Sonia’s make-up artists are wearing masks.

(Image: Sunrise/Channel 7)

As for how the rest of the crew are managing health and safety, the mother-of-one said they are following strict hygiene procedures set by the government.

“I’ve even taken my own steps behind the scenes. We’re making sure we’re following all of those guidelines and procedures. We’re making sure there’s space between the cameras. There’s a wall between them and behind-the-scenes we’re following those hygiene guidelines,” the 54-year-old revealed.

“Production continues on a daily basis. I know a lot of other television production that has had to be postponed, we’re in a unique position.”

For now, it’s business as usual at the Big Brother compound, which is nestled in the secluded cliff-tops of Sydney’s idyllic North Head near Manly.

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“They were shocked, as most people would be learning the news about a worldwide pandemic.”

(Image: Sunrise/Channel 7)

During Sunrise‘s live cross to the set, we were also given our first sneak peek of the top-secret Big Brother compound, which showed the program’s iconic eye symbol emblazoned on the front of the house.

While Sonia didn’t give any specific premiere dates, she did hint the show will be coming to Channel 7 “very soon”, before dropping a major bombshell that there may even be a well-known celebrity in the mix.

“It’s such a great cross-section of society in there,” Sonia said, adding, “they’re a really interesting group – and there might even be somebody you know!”

Sonia hinted that a well-known person is in this year’s line-up.

(Image: Sunrise/Channel 7)

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