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Congratulations! Lachlan and Kiera are crowned the winners of Beauty and the Geek 2021

''We need to celebrate hard.''
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Lachlan Mansell and Kiera Johnstone have been crowned the winners of Beauty and the Geek 2021.

After securing a place in the final three alongside Alexander and Eliza, and George and Josie, the duo won over the hearts of the other eliminated couples who voted for their win.

The couple may be taking home a $100,000 prize, but their real win comes in the form of their wholesome relationship and their priceless self-growth.

The BATG 2021 winners!

(Credit: Nine)

During their final sit down with the show’s host Sophie Monk, they both stole Australia’s hearts with their vulnerable final speeches.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when Lachlan spoke about his newfound confidence and self-worth after years of feeling mistreated.

“I know what it feels like to be treated properly,” the 32-year-old told his peers and Sophie. “I am good enough.”

Kiera also revealed how she’s healed from her experiences and how Lachlan helped her revive her sense of hope for her future relationships.

“All of the hope I have lost in my previous relationships and the love that I have lost in friendship, I have gained back with you, Lachlan,” said the 23-year-old.

“I know what it feels like to be treated properly.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Once the couple collected themselves after their endearingly emotional reaction to their win, Lachlan exclaimed that this life-changing moment deserved to be commemorated.

“We need to celebrate hard!” said the motorsports commentator.

Speaking to Who Magazine, Lachlan and Keira revealed how they already felt like winners after making it into the top three.

“I was going on BATG to find love and push myself outside of my comfort zone. I did both of those things. Lachlan and I share a very special bond through all of the crazy things we went through together – I honestly love him so much,” said Keira.

“Lachlan and I share a very special bond.”

(Credit: Nine)

“As far as my comfort zone goes – I don’t think I will ever be nervous or embarrassed about anything again. I feel like a completely different person to the day we started filming. Not to sound cliché, but it really has changed my life.”

Lachlan spoke to WHO about realising through the show how girls should treat him and that he is worthy of love.

“My headspace and mental health is the most positive and confident it has ever been. I look forward to heading back into the real world with a reactivated social life and optimism surrounding my future love life,” he said.

Their emotional growth and strong bond has marked their win as one of the most wholesome finals to air on Australian television.

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