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Bachelor in Paradise EXCLUSIVE: Inside the EXPLOSIVE Richie, Brooke and Alex love triangle

Fiery exes Richie and Alex are out for revenge, and Brooke is getting caught in the cross-fire.
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They had one of the nastiest splits in Bachelor history, but it seems Richie Strahan and Alex Nation aren’t done with playing dirty!

Woman’s Day can reveal the duo are now fighting over a new suitor, with a nasty love triangle playing out behind the scenes.

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Richie and Alex have been caught up in a dramatic love triangle. (Image: Network Ten)

Looking for another chance at love on Bachelor in Paradise, Richie, 33, and Alex, 27, hadn’t spoken to each other since their sudden split in early 2017.

But after a raw and confronting discussion in which they continuously blamed each other for the messy break-up, there was more animosity between the former couple than ever.

“They tried to stay civil for the sake of the cameras, but the minute that conversation was over, Alex got up and stormed off set,” reveals an insider.

WATCH: Bachelor in Paradise‘s Alex Nation says her relationship with Richie Strahan was unsalvageable after his huge act of betrayal. Story continues after video…

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And like many exes looking to one up the other, there’s whispers that Alex and Richie are competing to win over stunning Brooke Blurton, who was the object of Nick Cummins’ affection on the last season of The Bachelor.

Alex has said of bisexual Brooke, 24, “I’m interested in her in a romantic sense… [she’s] beautiful.”

While bold Alex quickly made the moves on Brooke – hooking up with the brunette while on the island! – insiders say Richie wasn’t about to give up his chance at a romance with Brooke.

“Richie had to swallow his pride and watch Alex very publicly move on with a woman [ex-fiancee Maegan Luxa] soon after they broke up, and it was a sore spot for him,” the source adds.

“But he was determined to win Brooke over to get back at her.”

Brooke has been caught up in Alex and Richie’s love triangle. (Image: Network Ten)

Nick Cummins is NOT happy

Former Bachelor Nick has remained tight-lipped about Brooke’s bombshell confession, but in exclusive messages obtained by Woman’s Day, Nick has some choice words about the show!

When prompted by a fan, the Honey Badger, 31, let rip about BIP‘s decision to include his secret.

“I’ll get back at them… f**k em basically!” wrote the disgruntled star.

Nick wasn’t happy about Brooke’s revelation. (Image: Network Ten)

Why Brooke REALLY left The Bachelor

In a shock revelation, Brooke told her BIP cast mates last week that former suitor Nick confided in her that he had no intention of picking a winner ahead of the controversial Bachelor finale.

But now Woman’s Day can reveal Brooke’s revelation was far from the truth!

“It’s true, Nick was smitten with Brooke and he only wanted her,” dishes a source.

“However, Brooke wasn’t as interested and told producers she was intent on leaving, so they let Nick know in a bid to persuade her not to go.”

“The private scene she spoke about was actually Nick begging her not to leave,” the source adds.

“It was really emotional.”

Brooke’s exit from The Bachelor shocked fans. (Image: Instagram)

But there was no stopping Brooke, who refused to play along for TV, especially for a guy she didn’t even like.

“After she left, Nick was furious – he didn’t speak to any of the cast or crew that night,” the source continues.

Adding fuel to the fire, one of the final two, Brittany Hockley, has questioned Brooke’s confession.

“Look, I’m sure that what Brooke is saying, she honestly believes,” says Brittany. “I wasn’t there at that time but I was told something different.”

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