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EXCLUSIVE: Current Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants are ALREADY forming alliances for Bachelor in Paradise

We didn't know alliances needed to be formed but OK...
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If there was one thing we have looked forward to for the past two years, it’s Network Ten’s Bachie-verse spin-off show, Bachelor in Paradise.

And even though it truly is a hot mess – with precisely zero couples staying together – it really does make for some solid entertainment.

And so when Now to Love heard from a very reliable source that contestants were already reaching out to one another for the hit show, you could say we were, well, pretty damn excited.

And by the way, it’s not just ANY old contestants. We’re talking CURRENT Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants – some we’ve never even met yet!

“Girls from Matt’s [Agnew] season and boys from Angie’s [Kent] season are sliding into each other’s DM’s,” our source revealed. “They’re forming alliances so that they can stay on the island longer.”

And this is genius – because who wouldn’t want to be on an island, in summer, surrounded by hot men and women, forming connections to last a lifetime – or at least three months post-show.

“The thing is,” our source said, “some of these contestants haven’t even been approached by TEN to be on the show. They’re just covering all of their bases.”

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Matt Agnew’s ladies are sliding into the DM’s of Angie Kent’s men.

(Source: Network Ten)

It’s unclear which of the current ladies will be (or have been) approached by TEN however, we could be looking at a slightly older group of Bachies, if Matt’s girls are anything to go by.

Unlike many years gone by, some of the women vying for Matt’s heart are slightly older, which could actually cater to some of Ali Oetjen’s “older” men including Danny Harris-Wolf, Wesley Ford, Damien Rider and Dan Hobley.

Ali Oetjen and her suitors from The Bachelorette 2018.

(Source: Network Ten)

And it seems that going on BIP is quite the natural course for our love-lorn hopefuls.

Todd King, Ali’s runner up, revealed via his Instagram stories that he was “on the fence” about it.

When asked if he would do Bachelor in Paradise he revealed that he was “absolutely petrified” of getting his heart broken on national TV again.

“Although I received so much love and support. It was hard to have to watch it back [sic].”

And even though the thought scares him, he would love for his kids to able to see their parents “fall in love on TV”.

“I don’t know why but I think the idea of that (seeing their parents’ first date and first kiss) is so cute. And I think it’s definitely possible to find someone else in Bach world.

Jessica Brody previously said she would consider BIP.

(Image: Channel Ten)

Former-Matt contender, Jessica Brody (a.k.a Tommy Little’s “flame”), previously told us that that BIP would be a “great opportunity to find love”.

“I struggled like crazy in the real world,” she admitted.”I think I’m definitely willing to give it another shot but it is a little bit scary going back into that situation, you know?

“It was definitely a bit intimidating but I’m always open to new opportunities.”

So if Todd and Jess are “sort of” in…

Please excuse us while we compile a list of people we’d LOVE to see on the shores of Fiji!

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