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EXCLUSIVE: 8 post-finale Bachelor bombshells revealed

Long after the final rose ceremony, the drama continues...
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In a Bachelor Australia first, the nation was shocked when Nick Cummins chose no one in the series finale.

“I just know in my heart, I’ve done the right thing,” Nick explained on the show. “They are two amazing women who are walking out of my life right now. It wouldn’t be fair to enter into something and a few months later, break her heart.”

“I came here for a chance at love and now I’m going to have to start again.”

But now that the cameras have stopped rolling and the roses have been tossed aside, the drama continues. Woman’s Day can exclusively reveal not one but eight shocker bombshells from behind the scenes of this year’s Bachelor, take a look at them here.

The Bachelor Australia finale 2018

Anyone else still reeling from that explosive finale?

1. Cass’ hot hook-up with Sam Cochrane in Bali

After she was dumped by Nick, Cass found solace in the arms of Bachelor In Paradise star Sam Cochrane – in Bali.

The pair hit it off right away in the tropical surrounds and Sam’s quirky humour put a smile on Cass’ face after her public heartbreak. An onlooker, who was holidaying at the same resort, tells us the sparks were “out of control”.

“Cass and Sam were very tactile with each other and it was clear that they were ‘on’,” says our source. “They really looked like they were having the time of their lives.”

Sadly, after their whirlwind getaway, Cass and Sam decided to be mates as neither of them felt ready to commit to a long-distance relationship.

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2. Nick reaches out to his ex

It’s no secret Nick was madly in love with his ex-girlfriend Martine Thomassen – and in recent weeks the former rugby star has been in contact with the Norwegian beauty!

In a candid Facebook video about protein-triggering cancer, Nick was quick to respond to Martine’s post, defending the videos. The couple were together for five years after meeting through Nick’s brother Nathan after a rugby match.

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Is Nick still hung up on Martine?

3. Brooke’s crush on Alex Nation

Brooke’s made no secret of the fact she’s attracted to both males and females (she is a pansexual – someone who is attracted to the person regardless of gender).

Now, a former Bachelor star has caught her eye – Alex Nation, who won Richie Strahan’s heart in 2016 but later called it quits.

“I think she’s absolutely beautiful,” reveals Brooke. “I don’t know her that well… We live in different states but maybe we will cross paths.”

Brooke has a soft spot for Bachie alumnus Alex Nation.

4. Nick’s loving all the fame!

Two days after returning from his Kokoda trip, Nick kicks off a nation-wide publicity book tour! Launching The Honey Badger’s Guide To Life, it’s clear he is relishing every minute of his Bachelor fame.

Nick has become hot property in recent years as the face of Tradie Underwear, Iron Jack beer and Tourism Australia as well as hosting Ultimate Beastmaster for Netflix.

“Nick wasn’t in it for love,” says a source on set, despite admitting he did find it with Brooke. “He thought it would be a bit of fun and would be a good boost to his profile and bank account!”

WATCH: Nick Cummins stars in the Tradie Undies ad.

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5. Why Nick REALLY dumped Cass

When Nick didn’t give Cass a rose, the nation were up in arms at him. But our source tells us it’s the best thing Nick could’ve done for her.

Overnight, the 23-year-old became Australia’s sweetheart, and Nick was hoping that would happen. He thinks she should be the next Bachelorette – and Ten agrees.

The network have given her plenty of airtime on Gogglebox and Have You Been Paying Attention?. The pretty blonde says she’s still open to finding love.

“I’m still looking for that person,” says Cass.

WATCH: Nick sends Cass home on The Bachelor.

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6. He’s hooked up everywhere

With the Honey Badger getting a reputation for being incredibly flirtatious, rumours across the country have swirled about who has previously been bedded by Australia’s Bachelor.

According to a source, he was acting “very single” on a trip to Broome earlier this year before filming began.

“He also lived up to the Bachelor name during a trip to Bali!” the source added.

7. How they kept the finale under wraps

In past seasons of The Bachelor, the claws are quick to come out and contestants have been all too eager to spill the beans on what really happens when the cameras stop rolling.

But now Ten has a secret weapon – Bachelor In Paradise!

For ousted contestants who are itching to extend their 15 minutes of fame (and in some cases, actually find love), playing by publicity rules is the only way they’ll land a coveted spot in paradise.

8. Nick hasn’t cut ties with the contestants

Sophie and Brittany confirm they’ve had contact with Nick since their devastating break-up in New Caledonia.

“I have heard from Nick, he reached out to me – he’s reached out to a few of us to make sure we’re OK,” reveals Sophie.

“I checked in on Nick and he did the same with me, which he was appreciative of,” adds Brittany.

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