Home and Away spoilers: Irene’s risky plan to save the diner threatens her friendship with Leah

‘It’s our only hope!'
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The fate of Summer Bay’s Diner and one of its most enduring friendships hangs in the balance in Home And Away as the fallout from the shock water contamination continues this week.

In addition to learning that their business’ water supply has been contaminated, the Diner’s owners – Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) – are shocked to learn that an affected patron is suing them for $50,000.

And while Irene is on the phone to the insurance company, negotiating a way to cover the cost, who’s listening in? Irene’s other main financial burden, con artist Bronte (Stefanie Caccamo).

“It’s dollar-sign eyes,” Stefanie tells TV WEEK. “Bronte could potentially score more money than she’s ever scammed before. Jack. Pot.”

Scheming Bronte sits down with Irene to tell her she too has been poisoned by the water at the Diner and that it’s worsened her autoimmune disease. Her claim leads Irene to do the unthinkable – she asks Bronte to sue her as well!

“It’s a remarkable moment,” Stefanie says. “Bronte has never experienced generosity like Irene’s. I think she almost feels guilty… but only for a second.”

Also taken aback by Irene’s move is Leah, who can’t believe she’s putting their finances and friendship at risk. Is she not thinking of Leah at all?

Not heeding advice to reconsider, Irene forges on – in doing so, straining her friendship with Leah so severely, there may be no way to salvage it.

Can the Diner withstand this disaster, or will it buckle under the weight and take Irene and Leah down with it?

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