Family Christmas

Two kids unwrap an early Christmas present to find their naval officer dad inside

The Elf on the Shelf craze is sweeping the globe as the mischievous festive creature gets up to all kinds of trouble, except for the Stevens family who were treated to the best kind of surprise from their tiny pal.

When Alfie and Lily Stevens were ushered downstairs by their mum Ruth to inspect what their Elf on the Shelf got up to overnight, they were no doubt expecting some sort of festive trickery.
However when the brother and sister duo laid eyes upon the massive package that their cheeky friend brought into their home they were astounded.
“How did he carry it?” inquisitive Alfie remarked, before his mum quipped, “I don’t know, must be magic.”
The kids with their dad, Scott Stevens.
After the kids moved on from their initial shock they began to unwrap the impressively-sized present, and little did they know they were about to unveil the best gift they’ve ever received.
“Daddy, daddy, daddy,” the two Stevens children shout when they figure out what’s under the Christmas paper, before jumping on their doting father’s lap for a big hug and kiss.
Scott Stevens had been away for three whole months working as an engineer on a British naval ship and it’s safe to say he was elated to be home in time for Christmas.
“You missed him? Three months, daddy’s come back from the Navy for Christmas,” Ruth can be heard telling her ecstatic kids.
The Stevens family are thrilled to be back together for Christmas!
The mum-of-two has since uploaded the video to Facebook to spread the holiday cheer and it’s been viewed almost 250,000 times!
And it was all thanks to one mischievous little sprite, “Elf brought him home, how magic is that?"
The Stevens' Elf on the Shelf was much more nice than naughty!

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