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Matt Okine is the right guy for all your Christmas present woes

He may be one of the nation's best comedians, but there's no funny business when it comes to the sacred act of gift giving at Christmas.

By Chloe Lal
It's becoming abundantly clear there's very little Matt Okine can't do.
A former breakfast radio host, musician, DJ, actor, comedian, ARIA winner and all round swell guy - the 32-year-old DID have one glaringly bad flaw.
The Other Guy creator was once, in his own words: "A self-admittedly one of the worst Christmas gift-givers. Ever."
Chatting exclusively to Now to Love, Matt Okine tells us: "I was quite open about the fact that for a while I just didn't give people gifts. That was my catchphrase."
The man has an ARIA, a good indicator you should listen to him!
But like a bunch of sour grapes transforming into classy glass of red - Matt's gift recipients are whining no more because Mr Okine is now a new man.
"Thankfully I've changed gears a bit, and now feel like I'm a bit smarter when it comes to gift giving."
And he's here to share the wisdom, so whip out your notepads because class is now in session.

Matt's 5 top tips for the crappy Christmas gift giver?

1. Keep your ears open at all times
"Be like Siri… And always be listening."
"It's so important to have your eyes peeled. Just because it's April, doesn't mean if someone says that they want something, that they'll have it by the end of the year."
2. Consider the whole year as an opportunity to buy gifts
"If you see a great jacket, you could buy it now and give it to them next Christmas. Or you can get them a membership to their local footy club."
3.Write down a list during the year
"Stuff will happen during the year and your loved one will give you a clues about what they want."
"Have a note on your phone and just keep adding to it!"
4. Don't leave it to the last minute
"Try to get in early. I recommend starting one month before. Nothing is worse than being stuck on Christmas Eve and you can't find anything."
5. Shop off the beaten path!
"PayPal really helps with this! Finding something unique always makes for the perfect Christmas gift. Something that is handmade or comes from a location special to you is a great way to celebrate this time of year."
PayPal's online portal allows you to buy stuff from anywhere, no matter your location.

What is the worst gift you’ve given to someone?

"Giving nothing isn't even that bad compared to some of the presents I've given to people.
"I gave my girlfriend at the time a $30 desk from the Reject Shop. I didn't even set it up for her. It was a flat-pack desk that I lumped with her and neither of us ever put it together."
"It literally sat in the cupboard for three years until we threw it out."
^Handy Hint from this writer: Flat-packs are the worst...
^Unless you're James from The Bachelor... But seriously, do not buy a flat-pack as a gift of LOVE.
"It's probably not the best sign if you're buying presents from the Reject shop [laughs]."
"Look! Buy presents from wherever you want, what I'm saying is put some thought into the gift."

Given the flat-pack desk disaster, do you have any magical tips about the sort of gifts we should be buying?

1. Be mindful of where the present will be opened
"You're probably going to be at some family do with a lot of relatives. You need to think about who else will be around watching your gift receiver opening the goods," Matt says.
"It's probably a good idea not to get a naughty gag gift if you know Nan is going to be watching."
"You don't want anyone to be uncomfortable. I've seen someone give their partner a bottle of Nairs hair removal cream at the family unwrapping. It was awkward!"
2. Think about the way you wrap the gift
"I love fancy wrapping as much as the next person but it's really good to keep the environment in mind."
"There's no need to go overboard and you can always reuse paper and gift bags."
3. Really keep the person in mind when buying their present.
"Shopping off the grid can really allow you to make this time of year special! You can target your search with keywords and really hone in on their personality."
Watch Matt Okine be all kinds of hilarious in the video player below!

Matt's best strategies for surviving the silly season

"Don't get silly every second night! Look after yourself."
"In saying that - I always roll out of Christmas with a pickled liver, so be realistic with your goals! Most of all, do have fun."
Yes. Yes. Yes.

How do you NOT make a fool out of yourself at the Christmas party?

"If you're the messy person at the party, please keep being that person."
"You're detracting all the attention away from me, who is always the second messiest! [Laughs]"

Matt Okine’s golden rule:

"Always be the second messiest person at the Christmas Party - the messiest will cop all heat guaranteed!"
"Bear in mind, you're not going to be missing out on too much if you decide to go home at a reasonable time."
"Feel free to smokebomb and get out of there."
"It's better to get attention for leaving without saying goodbye than being the person that is having their hair held back at 4am in the office staff room, vomiting in the sink."
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