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How to treat a bluebottle sting this summer

It's a (very painful) rite of passage for every Aussie!

And, really, why wouldn't you? This Great Southern Land is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches and glittering bodies of water.
However, with this natural beauty comes bluebottles - and, if you've ever been stung by one, you'd know just how painful they are.
According to the Ambulance Service of New South Wales, blue bottle stings are common on our beaches particularly during high tides and when north-easterly winds blow.
This is what a bluebottle looks like up close. Supplied
When you're stung by a blue bottle, the blue bottle's tentacles will illicit a sharp sting when it touches you.
Unless you're allergic or have a rare adverse reaction, your bluebottle sting will likely only cause you pain for 2-3 hours (first, the pain may feel intense, but then usually develops into a dull ache, which can spread to your joints) AND some simple first aid should have you back in the water in no time.
This is what you need to know if you, or someone you're with, is stung by a blue bottle.
FYI, in the case of all medical emergencies, dial triple-zero (000) and ask for an ambulance.
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How to treat a bluebottle sting

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