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Ada Nicodemou reveals what’s on her son’s Christmas list

“I love playing Santa!”

By Tamara Cullen, Stephen Downie and Kietley Isrin
Writing wish lists to Santa is a family tradition in Home And Away star Ada Nicodemou's household. "Johnas [her son] has already written two letters to Santa telling what he wants for Christmas," Ada, 40, says.
"So now, Santa has to write back. It's really great now – because Johnas is getting older, he wants a lot of outdoor things, which I'm really happy about."
She adds that soccer nets, a water slide and a basketball ring are just some of the things the excited five-year-old is hoping to discover when he wakes up on Christmas morning.

"I think mummy might also get him a trampoline," she whispers.
So does that mean Johnas made Santa's 'nice' list?
"Absolutely," Ada laughs. "I'm really blessed. Johnas is such a well-behaved child. I don't have to discipline him too much, which is good."
Ada has previously admitted to TV WEEK that she's a helicopter parent – but she wouldn't have it any other way.
"Yes, I'm a very protective mother," she laughs. "If you look up the definition of helicopter mum, I'm that.

"But it just comes naturally. What mother isn't over-protective? I feel that's our job. It's our duty to look after them. If Johnas is hurt, it hurts me."
Little Johnas recently took a big step – he graduated day care!
The proud mum wrote on Instagram last week: "My little man graduated day care tonight. Off to big school next year."
So cute!

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