Christmas Decorations

Take a peek at these amazing images from inside Santa's home, you know you want to

Nothing like a bit of festive property porn.

By Holly Royce
There are a few reasons why we love to look into other people's homes.
The first is that strange and slightly guilty pleasure around the compulsion of taking a sneak peek into other's homes and getting an insight into how they live.
It's human nature. We're all just a bunch of nosy busybodies.
Another reason is that looking into other people's homes can often give us the ultimate in decoration inspiration - which is why peeking into Santa's house is just the festive boost we need, with Christmas just around the corner.
Santa added his home to Zillow last year, which means now we can nosy around the 3-bedroom, 2-bath log home without anyone knowing. The house includes hot cocoa on tap and an oven with 12 different cookie settings, only the best for the big man.
You can also indulge yourself by finding out the financial value of the festive property, which to be honest does take away from the magic a little.
“The real estate market across the country is booming, so it’s no surprise that one of the most valuable residential properties in the Arctic rose almost 7 percent since last year,” said Zillow Chief Marketing Officer Jeremy Wacksman.
“When Santa’s house first appeared on Zillow, a lot of kids were asking about the elves and where they live. We’re thrilled that this year, millions of kids around the world can explore not just Santa’s house in the North Pole, but also the homes of some of his most trusted helpers.”