Home and Away: Maggie's illness overshadows Ziggy and Brody's wedding day

'It's a bit scary for her.'

Most Summer Bay weddings don't go exactly to plan. And in this week's episodes of Home And Away, the lead-up to Brody and Ziggy's big day is filled with ominous doubt.
Maggie's (Kestie Morassi) health continues to deteriorate.
Meanwhile, Ziggy's (Sophie Dillman) nerves about marrying Brody (Jackson Heywood) are steadily getting worse.
Of course, it's no secret Maggie is enduring the fight of her life. But her decision to stop chemotherapy has not only split her family down the middle, but potentially harmed her prognosis.
"Maggie is feeling so happy, but also realises she may not be around for much longer," Kestie, 39, tells TV WEEK. "She struggles with the idea of ever being a burden, so she tries to stay strong."
The night before the wedding, Coco (Anna Cocquerel) arranges a low-key hens' night at the farmhouse. Across town, Mason (Orpheus Pledger) and Hunter (Scott Lee) have organised a wild poker night for Brody's bucks'.
Brody and Ziggy can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together.
As the guests enjoy the hens' party, Maggie rallies for the occasion, while her daughter Ziggy looks glum. A worried Coco questions her big sister, but Ziggy insists she's just tired.
"She loves Brody more than anything," Sophie, 25, explains. "But Ziggy is young and the engagement was really quick. It's a bit scary for her."
On the wedding day, however, Ziggy can't shake her doubts. At the same time, Brody can't shake off his hangover. Oh, dear.
In a tender mother-daughter moment, Ziggy turns to Maggie for advice.
Maggie is overcome with emotion.
"After everything their relationship has been through, Ziggy is desperate for her mother's advice and support," Sophie says. "She wants to make the right decision."
Then, she gets a text from her fiancé and all seems right in the world. Ziggy brushes her nerves aside and giddily gets ready for her big day.
"Her nerves momentarily got the better of her, but there are so many awesome things ahead for them," Sophie says.
Maggie puts on a wig and gown and makes her way to the wedding. As the guests wait for the bride, she begins to feel woozy and grabs a nearby chair.
When the ceremony begins, Maggie composes herself for her daughter's arrival. Ziggy, wearing a beautiful lace and tulle gown, is the picture of happiness as she walks down the aisle with her dad Ben (Rohan Nichol).
Brody's brother Mason acts as best man, while Coco is Ziggy's maid of honour.
Despite his best efforts, Ben can't hide his emotion. Meanwhile, Brody flashes a grin at his wife-to-be.
As the happy couple exchange vows, Maggie watches with tears in her eyes.
In emotional scenes, the Astoni matriarch soaks up what could be one of her final moments. Sob!
The newlyweds share a passionate kiss.

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