Jasmine faces the brunt of Willow's rage on Home and Away

'She’s gone too far.'

Willow's dangerous gambling addiction culminates in a fiery argument with Jasmine in Home And Away this week – and ends with a shocking slap!
In an explosive showdown, the troubled trainer lashes out when Jasmine (Sam Frost) implores her to admit she has a problem.
In denial, Willow (Sarah Roberts) fumes at the accusation and lashes out at her friend. Is her violent reaction the end of their friendship?
The confrontation comes after Jasmine witnesses Willow selling gym equipment illegally. Willow tells Jasmine she did it only to pay back her loan, leaving her confused and angry.
Willow responds to Jasmine's questions with an angry slap.
However, this isn't the first time the bikie chick has been busted.
After losing her rent money on a failed bet last week, she resorted to stealing money from the till at the Surf Club.
Jasmine first became suspicious after catching her red-handed. Willow swore it was a one-off. But now, she's betting more – and losing.
"Willow's addiction is out of control," Sarah tells TV WEEK. "She feels guilty and shameful, and is acting out in weird ways."
The nurse decides to keep quiet about the illegal exchange, until she overhears Dean (Patrick O'Connor) and Willow arguing about her gambling habits. Willow brushes off her losses, but Dean is worried there's more to it. She can't even pay her rent!
"Dean knows her so well and can usually help her when things go wrong," Sarah explains. "But this time, it seems she's in too deep."
With all the pieces in place, Jasmine takes it upon herself to help – even if it's not asked for.
Jasmine confronts Willow.
She approaches Dean at the Diner and explains about Willow's lies, including her recent thieving.
The River Boy, shocked at how far his girlfriend is willing to go, promises to fix it and takes off to find her.
Later that day, however, Willow angrily approaches Jasmine. She fumes that she'd tattled to Dean and tells her to mind her own business.
But the newcomer won't back down. She wants Willow to face up to her problem: she's a gambling addict.
"Jasmine confronts Willow about her addiction and she immediately goes on the defensive," Sarah says.
Stung by the truth, Willow slaps Jasmine across the face, then runs away before bursting into tears.
"As soon as Willow slaps Jasmine, she regrets it," Sarah explains. "She knows she's gone too far."
Sarah says it was 'tough' to shoot the scene, and had to prepare for her big moment.
"I was nervous about shooting the [slap] scene. Sam is lovely – who would want to slap her?" she says.
"A stunt coordinator taught us how to make it look like I was slapping her without any contact."
Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, Channel Seven.

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