Will the House Rules competition turn friends into foes?

The pressure can either bring people together or push them apart...

By Helen Vnuk
It’s chippy on chippy in House Rules this week. Carpenter Aaron and his wife Daniella are up against carpenter Harry and his partner Kate, renovating Andrew and Jono’s yards in WA.
But the truth is that a deep, genuine friendship has been forged between the two couples. Although filming of the renovations finished quite a few weeks ago, the teams from Queensland and SA have stayed in touch.
“We speak to Aaron and Dee every couple of days,” Kate tells TV WEEK. “We’re in very close contact with them. We miss them a lot.
“We were together all day, every day, for a long time. We were always catching up outside of filming, having dinners. We leant on them a lot. I’m sure that’s a friendship that will last. We’ll have lots of holidays.”
Harry has already put the Gold Coast couple on the invitation list for his wedding to Kate.
“We get on with them really well,” he says. “Dee’s an absolute cracker. She’s so much fun. Aaron’s a legend too.”

Strengthening the bond between the couples is the fact that they both have young sons. Aaron and Daniella have Jaxon, three, and Brooklyn, nearly one, while Kate and Harry have two-year-old Xavier.
A playdate between the boys is already in the works.
“A hundred per cent they’ll get together,” Harry says. “We definitely want to catch up once the show’s all finished and get the boys to meet each other. They’ll definitely have a play and have a babycino together.”

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