Will Andrew’s life-threatening injury spell the end of his House Rules journey?

Are the twins out of the competition?

By Helen Vnuk
House Rules fans held their breath tonight as one of the show’s most popular contestants suffered a life-threatening injury.
WA twin Andrew was carrying a pane of glass to the skip when he dropped it on the edge. A sharp piece flew at him, cutting his wrist.
Immediately, everyone realised the seriousness of the situation. There were shouts of, “Hospital, hospital!” and, “Call the ambulance!”
Andrew clutched his wrist. “It’s ripped open, big-time.”
Tasmanian paramedics Sean and Ella leapt into action, attending to the injury.
“Your arteries are literally straight from your heart,” Ella told Andrew. “You can bleed out very quickly.”
She got on the phone to the ambulance service.
“No pulse in the right wrist,” Ella reported. “Life-threatening.”
NSW battler Troy, meanwhile, tried to keep Andrew calm and encouraged him to sit down.
“You’ve got to relax, champ,” he told him.
Andrew was taken to hospital by ambulance, with twin Jono by his side.
SA contestant Kate tells TV WEEK she felt as bad for Jono as she did for Andrew.
“He was in just as much of a bad place as his brother was, so it was horrible for everyone,” she says. “They’re such good boys.”
At the hospital, Andrew and Jono were waiting to hear how bad the damage to Andrew’s hand was, and whether he would need a long rehabilitation.
“This could, in reality, spell the end of our time on House Rules,” Jono pointed out.
Back on site, the others were worried for Andrew. But one contestant could see a bright side.
“If Jono and Andrew have to withdraw from this competition, that’s good for us,” Nicole said. “That’s going to mean that we’re automatically through.”
Later, Jono returned to work on the renovation, leaving Andrew in hospital. Will the injury change the course of the competition? Will Andrew and Jono be out?

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