Why Sonia Kruger won’t let anyone bring Delta Goodrem down

The Voice host sees Delta like a little sister.

By TV Week team
She’s raised viewers’ ire for her antics on The Voice this season. But superstar mentor Delta Goodrem will always have the support of host and close friend Sonia Kruger.
Recently, Delta, 32, has copped flak for dancing animatedly to contestants’ performances on the reality show − and using her feet to press her buzzer.
“Delta is so annoying,” one fan wrote on social media.
Another asked, “Why can’t she just press the buzzer properly?”
While Delta has defended herself, saying the criticism is “water off a duck’s back”, Sonia has had enough.
The Voice host and mum-of-one tells TV WEEK the two women have a close relationship and she feels protective of the singer.
“You know what Australians are like − we’ll stick together through thick and thin,” Sonia, 51, says.
“Ever since I’ve been doing the show, Delta has been there too. She’s like my little sis.”
Delta has faced a lot of criticism.
Sonia recalls first meeting Delta in 2003. The singer was just a teenager and had broken onto the Australian music scene with her debut album Innocent Eyes.
“She was so young,” Sonia says. “And very talented, with all her amazing original compositions. She can sing and play and does it all.”
Since then, Sonia has watched proudly as Delta’s career has soared and knows the joy Delta brings her fans.
Sonia supports Delta like a sister.
“When you’re walking the red carpet and all the young fans are there − they adore her,” Sonia enthuses. “All the little girls love her so much.”
Sonia isn’t the only colleague to come to Delta’s defence. Fellow coach Seal is full of admiration for The Voice veteran.“Delta is an amazing singer and an amazing woman,” the 54-year-old British singer and songwriter says. “To me, she shows an incredible amount of courage. You need that to succeed.”

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