The real reason Nadia won't leave Anthony on MAFS

If you thought she was about to dump him, you are so very wrong…

Married At First Sight

Let’s be honest, that last dinner party was awkward as hell.

We all thought Married At First Sight’s doomed couple Nadia and Anthony were headed for Splitsville. Fans even heaved a sigh of relief when Nadia FINALLY called “b-------” on Anthony during their last date.

That seemed to be confirmation enough that Nadia’s feet were frostbitten and she was ready to make her exit.

Fast forward to last Sunday’s dinner party and the pair seemed to have remained firmly planted on struggle street – girl was flat-out ignoring him!

These two are keeping fans on their toes!
These two are keeping fans on their toes!

Things did not look promising, to say the least.

But in an NW exclusive, Nadia explains the cameras lie – and she has all the feels for Anthony. Sorry, what?

“Anthony is himself and I am me – he’s expressive and that’s what I want. I would walk away if he wasn’t genuine – that’s a deal-breaker.”

Basically looking like the poster couple for PDA in an NW exclusive sneak peek of Sunday night’s vow renewal ep, fans are dying to know how on earth these two patched things up.

Nadia even tells us she's ready for kids.
Nadia even tells us she's ready for kids.

And now following an announcement that one of the remaining couples is definitely expecting, the rumour mill is in overdrive that the real reason Nadia is staying with Anthony is that two is about to become three.

“I feel like I’m ready for kids,” a loved up Nadia told NW.

“I would like to get to that next stage in my life.”

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