What you never knew about McLeod's Daughters: Go behind-the-scenes of Drovers Run

See inside the real life farm where the show was filmed.

It's been 11 years since cult Aussie TV drama McLeod's Daughters was last on our screens, but the faces of Drovers Run haven't been forgotten by their loyal fans.
And when Woman's Day last caught up with the show's stars, Bridie Carter, 49, and Lisa Chappell, 51, in 2019, the actresses had only one wish –that the hit series would return.
Now, fans and the cast are finally getting what they want with the show's creator Posie Graeme Evans announcing that an "exciting" McLeod's Daughters movie is officially in the works!
Last week, Posie confirmed the feature film was well and truly under way.
"The Story Continues, Yes, it really does. And I'm letting you know first," she explained on Instagram.
"We're developing a feature film. It's called The McLeods Of Drovers Run and I started writing the story a couple of months ago."
Bridie, who played Tess McLeod for six seasons, also shared her delight.
"I have no words, do I dream or is it really happening? We look forward to it and thank you sooo much!!! We are the best family, MD family," she gushed.
While details about the upcoming film are still under wraps, there's never been a better time to go behind the scenes of the show that put Australian-made TV drama on the map!
The cast of McLeod's Daughters. Image: Supplied

The house is 150 years old

The interior scenes were all filmed inside the real-life estate manor of Kingsford Homestead, which is 150 years old and took more than 30 years to build.
Channel Nine bought the isolated property for the TV series in 1999.

The set was tiny

The show's cinematographers masterfully created the illusion that the sprawling Drovers Run property was a 8100-hectare farm in the Australian bush.
In reality, Kingsford is only 55 hectares, making it more of a mini hobby farm heritage estate.
The stars had to share the screen with plenty of animals as the show was filmed on a working property.
Kingsford Homestead in South Australia, the real life set of Drover's Run. Image: Supplied

The show was filmed in South Australia

Despite being set in the country town of Gungellan, the home town of the McLeod family is completely fictitious.
The show was filmed in the town of Freeling in South Australia, which is about 60km north of Adelaide, and borders the state's famous Barossa Valley region.

The farm staff were in the show

All the live-in farm hands and animal wranglers of the Kingsford estate maintained the stock during filming.
They also acted as stunt doubles, and taught the cast mustering, drenching, horse riding and sheep shearing.
The farm had working dogs, 15 horses, 100 cattle and 150 sheep, which were used during filming.
The homestead also includes a machinery shed, shearing shed and stockyards.
"Everything on the site was purpose-built for farming," says production designer Tony Cronin.

Lisa left the show for a music career

Lisa Chappell embarked on a musical career after leaving the show. Image: Supplied
Lisa Chappell, who played Claire McLeod during the show's first three seasons, left in 2003 because she "needed a change".
At the time she said it was very hard being a character that was so different from herself but it was still a tough decision to leave.
After her shock departure, the talented musician released her first album, When Then Is Now, in May 2006.

The stunts were dangerous

While stunt doubles were often used, the iconic scene in season three when Tess falls into one of the farm's wheat silos almost saw Bridie become trapped!
"The stakes were so high," she said of the risky scene, which saw her scrambling in a giant pit of fake wheat.
"I could have really gotten stuck!" Her co-star Lisa later called her brave for taking on the "scary shoot" without a stunt double.
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