Wentworth Season Six: Everything you need to know before the series returns

'It's a continuation of everything we set up in season five'

By Stephen Downie and Scott Ellis
When we last saw inside Wentworth Correctional Centre, all hell had broken loose.
Franky (Nicole da Silva) and Joan "The Freak" Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) had escaped. And Sonia's (Sigrid Thornton) life was hanging by a thread after she was poisoned.
In season six, three new inmates are set to shake up Wentworth. Yep, it promises to be a roller-coaster ride as, yet again, all bets are off and life inside is about to change.
"Season six is a continuation of everything we set up in season five," Nicole, 36, promises.
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Desperate to avenge the death of her beloved Bea (Danielle Cormack), Allie (Kate Jenkinson) helped The Freak to escape by hiding her inside a crate being shipped out of the prison.
But in a shock move, Allie arranged – with the assistance of prison officer Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) – for the crate to be sidetracked to a remote bushland area.
In the dark of night, Will secretly buried the crate, leaving The Freak trapped inside!
Allie and Frankie planned to use the crates to escape.
As she realised her fate, The Freak looked up and saw a hand-drawn picture of her nemesis Bea. It was the last thing she would see before she lost consciousness.
But the big question is, is it possible that The Freak could have survived being buried alive?
Meanwhile, Liz (Celia Ireland) had finally had enough of Sonia's relentless bullying. She slipped poison into a cup of tea for an unsuspecting Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) to pass to Sonia.
"By the end of season five, Liz was terrified for her life," Celia, 52, tells TV WEEK.
Vera (back right) watches as medics try to revive Sonia.


With the dramatic events of last season still fresh, the cells are in lockdown, trouble is spreading and everyone has questions.
Acting governor Vera's (Kate Atkinson) job is on the line.
"The season starts with the immediate fallout of that escape, which leaves Vera trying to dig her way out of a really big hole," Kate, 45, explains.
As far as Vera and Jake's (Bernard Curry) relationship goes, well, that's now history.
"On the upside for Vera, there is no toing and froing about how she feels about Jake," Kate reveals. "That's one mistake she's not going to make again.
Franky is on the run and desperate to clear her name.
Meanwhile, has Sonia died like the prison rumour mill is suggesting? Or is she on her way back to find out who tried to kill her?
Boomer begins to piece together the events of Sonia's poisoning and Liz is squarely in her sights. Will she rat on Liz?
"For Liz, I think she's really anxious and hopeful that she's been successful in her mission [to poison Sonia]," Celia says.
Meanwhile, revenge might be sweet for Allie, but her peace will be short-lived.
And outside the prison, Franky is on the run and living rough. She's seeking justice – and she'll go to extraordinary lengths to get it.
"She wants to clear her name," Nicole says. "She's not willing to let that go. Franky's never going to give up."
But will her desperate search put not only her own life in danger, but her beloved Bridget's (Libby Tanner) too?
Wentworth fans, prepare yourselves for another tense season.
Wentworth premieres on Tuesday 19th of June at 8:30pm on Showcase.

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