Fans rejoice over unconfirmed reports Wentworth will return for more episodes

Is the prison drama series coming back?

By Tina Burke
Fans were overjoyed last night, when it was reported that Foxtel's prison drama series Wentworth has been renewed for more episodes. But is the series actually going to return for an eighth season?
The unconfirmed reports of the new episodes were first shared on social media by Andrew Heslop, who also shared a photo of the Wentworth set.
Then, TV Tonight reported Wentworth has been renewed for 20 more episodes, on top of the already-completed seventh season. This would bring Wentworth up to the 100 episode milestone, with an eighth and ninth season.
"Shooting will recommence next September for screening in 2020 – 2021," the publication reports.
"Foxtel is expected to formally announce the renewal in early December."
TV WEEK reached out to Foxtel, who said they have no announcement regarding Wentworth at this stage.
Wentworth stars Celia Ireland, Katrina Milosevic, Nicole da Silva, Kate Atkinson and Tammy Macintosh.
The future of the beloved series has been left up in the air since the dramatic end of its sixth season earlier this year. Despite this, Wentworth is as loved and as esteemed as ever, taking out three TV WEEK Logie Awards earlier this year.
The series won Most Popular Drama Program, Most Outstanding Drama Series and Most Outstanding Actress for Pamela Rabe's Joan "The Freak" Ferguson.
"It's really lovely when you put your heart and soul on the line in your work and you get that recognition," actress Nicole da Silva said of the Logies wins.
The cast of Wentworth face-time Pamela Rabe backstage at the TV WEEK Logie Awards.
Only time will tell if we can look forward to seeing Boomer, Franky, Liz and the gang back on our screens for multiple more seasons - but we'll be keeping our fingers crossed!

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