Beloved drama Wentworth stops production amid the COVID-19 pandemic but you shouldn’t panic yet

The Aussie drama is the latest show to come to a halt.

By Maddison Hockey
The news of the coronavirus pandemic seems all but inescapable.
First it was toilet paper, groceries and travel, now even your favourite television shows are being impacted with many stopping production to maintain the health and safety of their casts and crews.
It's a logical choice, but devastating news nonetheless.
The most recent show to come to a standstill is award-winning Aussie drama Wentworth.
The cast for season 8 has been confirmed, including Pamela Rabe aka The Freak. Image: Foxtel
A spokesperson for the series told TV Tonight: "The health, safety and well-being of our cast, crew and all involved in the production is our priority."
The tantalising first trailer for season 8 was released just last week, teasing the much-anticipated return of The Freak after she was presumably killed-off in 2017.
But don't panic yet.
The spokesperson went on to confirm this season has thankfully been filmed and will go ahead as promised.
Cue the sigh of relief.
"Fremantle and Foxtel have made the decision to extend the mid-season break on Wentworth from Monday, March 23 after the completion of filming of the first round of episodes that will broadcast this year," the spokesperson said.
Wentworth was half way through filming a 20 episode block with the first 10 episodes to air this year and the following 10 to be released in 2021.
"Production is planned to resume in late April and we remain on track to premiere season 8 in June only on Foxtel."
While this may mean a longer wait for the 2021 season we have our fingers, and toes, crossed for a quick turn around. For now, we're just grateful, and slightly terrified we'll be seeing The Freak return in June.

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