The most gripping Wentworth spoilers for 2020

Get ready for more drama.

For those who've watched the season-seven finale of prison drama Wentworth, you'll probably agree that the episode – and the final 30 seconds of it in particular – was spine-tingling.
The jam-packed finale left viewers speechless as Vera (Kate Atkinson) delivered her baby at gunpoint during the prison siege; Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) assisted Liz (Celia Ireland) in her death, and Joan "The Freak" Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) was spotted alive!
Hidden under a cloak, she briefly faced the camera in the final moments of the episode.
"It was an intense end," actress Kate Jenkinson, 38, who plays Ally, tells TV WEEK.
"Ally killed someone, we lost some characters, but we gained back a character.
We didn't even know [about The Freak's return], because we filmed alternative endings in case we didn't return for another season.
Wentworth is set to be a drama packed season in 2020 Image: Foxtel
As season eight begins, the prison is facing a backlash and potential closure after the siege and a new general manager is called in to help.
Elsewhere, Vera is navigating life as a new mum, Rita (Leah Purcell) is in protection, and Ally is facing a life sentence after killing Sean Brody (Rick Donald).
She may have gained new respect from the inmates, but Ally will meet a new foe when a former Top Dog re-enters the jail.
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With the villainous The Freak lurking nearby, season eight will be volatile, to say the least. Will she exact revenge on those who've wronged her?
Fans may recall she was last seen being buried alive by Jake (Bernard Curry), Vera and Will (Robbie Magasiva).
"The genius of bringing back The Freak is that is agitates everyone – Jake, Vera and Will in particular," Kate explains.
"Expect the unexpected – her return won't be what people think."

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