Wentworth: Shock new revelations freak out Will, Vera and Jake after last week’s terrifying episode

'It does little to clear up the mystery surrounding The Freak'

The reverberations from last week's inconclusive discovery at the gravesite drives another gripping episode of Wentworth this week.
Will (Robbie Magasiva), Vera (Kate Atkinson) and Jake (Bernard Curry) dug up what they thought was Joan 'The Freak" Ferguson's (Pamela Rabe) grave.
Inside the crate, they discovered an unidentifiable decomposing body in a teal jumper. Was it Joan's body or not?
The possibility that The Freak is still alive forces Vera and Will on a mission to a remote hut to seek information.
As she searches for the truth, Vera is victim of a vicious attack.
While there, Vera is attacked by a hidden foe. Thankfully, Will is able to rescue the startled screw.
The pair are shocked to learn the identity of the assailant. But the discovery does little to clear up the mystery surrounding The Freak and only adds to their paranoia.
And in the episode's final dramatic moments, another heart-stopping development will leave the three prison officers on tenterhooks.
Will breaks it to Vera that Jake wasn't responsible for the brick thrown through her window.
Will Vera's attacker turn out to be the same person who has been stalking her?
Fans have been left in suspense this season, after a prowler - presumed by many fans to be The Freak - began tormenting Vera.
Dead birds on the door step, and muddy foot prints outside her home, are just some of spine-chilling encounters Vera has had with the unknown creeper in previous episodes.
After a brick was thrown through her bedroom, Vera rushed outside to find the perpetrator, suspecting it to be Jake. With no response or movement, she phoned Will to tell him what had happened and who she believed was responsible.
When Will revealed Jake was standing next to him at work, a terrified Vera locked herself in the house. As she cautiously returned to her bedroom, she discovered a pair of leather gloves on her bed.
The scary encounter led Vera, Will and Jake to the gravesite to dig up the body. But, as we will learn this week, the mystery is not over yet.
Wentworth airs Tuesday, 8:30pm on Showcase.
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