Tziporah Malkah reveals she was conned out of $2 million

After relocating to the U.S and converting to Judaism, Tziporah lost nearly $2 million to a Rabbi who said he was going to invest it for her.

By Melanie Burton
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During Steve Price’s ‘Jungle Radio’ session in the I’m A Celeb camp last night, he invited Tziporah Malkah – formerly known as Kate Fischer – to share a personal story about her life.

After her split from ex-fiance James Packer in 1998, she relocated to the United States and converted to Judaism (her mum is of Jewish heritage), where she met a Rabbi.

She revealed that he conned her into lending him almost $2million dollars, which was part of her settlement deal from her split with Packer.

Tziporah met the Rabbi through an LA singles group, and she fell in love with him, believing he was investing the money for her. But he turned out to be married with kids, and now she says he probably would have spent the money on his wife and kids.

“I was stupid and I was in love, and why would a Rabbi lie to me?” Tziporah said.

“I got swept away a little bit with him. He was incredibly charismatic, very convincing. He said he could invest (the money) better than me and I believed him.”

“When I was down to my last few thousand dollars in the bank and I went, ‘You really need to kind of help me now because I won’t be able to pay my rent in a few months’ time,' I just thought, 'I think he’s f---ed me over.'”

She continued: “I thought I was going to have to sleep under a bush. I went down to the Salvation Army and said, 'Help me, I am going to be homeless.'”

Tziporah revealed her heartbreaking story on last night's ep.
Tziporah revealed her heartbreaking story on last night's ep.

Meanwhile, Lisa Curry’s fiancé Mark Tabone wants her to show more of a sensitive side on the show.

He revealed to News Corp that he’s yet to see the “soft side” of the Olympian, who appears to be taking a tough approach in the camp.

“One thing I said to her before she went in was to make sure she shows Lisa as well as ‘Coach Curry,'” he said.

“That is the strong Lisa, she does a lot of boot camps and things, but there's obviously that really soft side to her and also a sensitive side,” he added.

Lisa and Mark at the opening night of *Aladdin* in August last year.
Lisa and Mark at the opening night of Aladdin in August last year.

Keen to make sure everyone did their fair share of chores, her uncompromising approach upset the now-evicted Tom Arnold.

When he left, he compared Lisa to Glee character Sue Sylvester - who is known to bully children.

But Mark says Lisa only has her fellow celebrities' best interests at heart.

“She will take it very seriously and that is why she clashed a bit with Tom. She doesn't like to let people down so if you give her a task she will find the best way to get through and do it.”

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