EXCLUSIVE: Tziporah Malkah has some big plans for life post-jungle

The polarising personality formerly known as Kate Fischer tells us she can’t wait to use her revived fame for good causes.

By Bella Brennan
She left the jungle on Sunday night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! with a bang and Tziporah Malkah’s post-show publicity tour was equally dramatic with Triple M going so far as to ban her from ever appearing on their radio show again.
But when Now To Love caught up with the latest evictee, she was nothing short of a delight.
Despite being her last interview for the day after hours of back-to-back chats, the 43-year-old was in great spirits and happily spoke about her exciting plans for life post-jungle…
Well, that was quite a ride! How are you feeling Tziporah?
I’m not sure yet? I’m still in the bubble. I haven’t landed in Australia yet to see what the fall-outs going to be. I’m still not quite sure how I’ve been represented on the show. I’m surprised I lasted a month! I feel like I was living on borrowed time.
What are you looking forward to doing when you get home?
This sounds weird but I can’t wait to do my laundry. We’ve had to wash our clothes in a stream and we don’t have detergent. Just having clean clothes is going to be a big one for me.
The Melbourne star was eliminated on Sunday night's episode.
You look incredible! After losing 14-kilograms in the jungle are you planning on maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the outside now?
Yes, definitely! I gave up for a while, as a model I starved myself for 20 years and I sort of went ‘I don’t care anymore.’
But then I became morbidly obese and I had to start caring again and this is a good opportunity.
Will it be straight back to your job as an age-care worker?
My work are very supportive and that’s unusual because nursing is such a straighty-one eighty conservative profession so to find a company that’s supportive of me going on national television and baring all, it’s really fantastic. I feel very lucky to work for that company.
I’m hoping that this will raise my profile, if people need someone to speak on homelessness, aged-care, or Judaism I can speak on those topics. I don’t want to go back to doing what I was doing in the ’90s, which was wearing pretty frocks and just flouncing around. This is an opportunity to do some good and that’s sort of why I’ve done this show.

It’s been so long since you’ve been in the spotlight but the nation has loved watching you on I’m A Celeb, would you consider having your own reality TV show?
I think a reality show [about me] would probably close within about 30 seconds. My life is not that interesting. I feel like I’m an average person that extraordinary things have happened to.
I haven’t invented anything or climbed the highest mountain in the world, or won a gold medal. I’m just an ordinary chick and weird stuff has happened and that makes my life interesting, not me per se.
A reality show about me I can’t imagine happening… But I’d probably do more reality TV because it’s become quite a respectable thing in the last ten years since I’ve been away, and it’s a good way for the public to get to know you.
Tziporah tells Now To Love she's open to doing more reality TV.
So you and Kris Smith had a bit of a blue. How did you guys leave it before you left?
He refused to say goodbye to me. I tried to make things work with him, I tried to reach my hand out in friendship and say ‘Is there any bad blood between us or anything you want to talk about?’ He sort of just brushed me aside and said he didn’t want to speak to me ever again.
That’s how we left it, it’s been very awkward. Then when I left, he was the only person that didn’t speak to me and say ‘good luck’ and give me a hug. That’s on him.
We had an argument about a silly thing – he accused me of something absolutely absurd. I thought, two can play that game, I’ll accuse you of something absolutely absurd and that’s kind of the way we left it.
Who will you keep in touch with?
I think that’s probably going to happen. We’ve all decided we’re going to get our own private What’s App group going so we can continue to trade stories.
There’s a lot people I like there, but it takes me a while to get close to people. I’m a bit more closed off than that.
Kris Smith and Tziporah won't be keeping in touch.