Tziporah tells all: "I'm A Celeb was nastier off camera"

The former model says she and campmate Keira Maguire were messed with physically, emotionally and psychologically.

By Karina Recchi
Over at NW, we’re totes Team Tziporah and Team Keira, so when Tziporah was booted out of camp and told us we didn’t see half of the bullying directed at our fave duo – we were shocked. Could it have really gotten any worse? Apparently so…
You were really excited to meet Steve Price before heading into camp! Were you crushed when you found out he said “Don’t wish that on us” when someone suggested you may’ve been coming in as an intruder?
Someone who is supposed to have meaning and depth, for him to say something as shallow as that so liberally and blithely on camera for all the world to hear was cruel and unnecessary. He never met me.
Tziporah and Steve didn't have the smoothest of relationships while in the jungle.
So what are your feelings about him now?
I wouldn’t want to be his fifth wife – he’s had four marriages, so… And I’m not surprised.
That’s what I’ll say about him. He’s grumpy cat 24 hours a day. And that’s fun to watch for 45 minutes a day but it is not fun to be around all the time, especially when it’s aimed at you.
He seemed to have similar opinions about Keira, too…
It’s just not fair. I was very kind to Keira, I mean apparently. Because people were a bit mean about her behind her back. Then she’s told, "Your lips are so big that you’ve practically got a speech impediment," and some really nasty, nasty comments.
There were a lot a moments like that. We were there 24 hours a day and you guys watch 45 minutes to an hour a day. There was a lot.
Tziporah and Keira bonded over feeling left out
You really helped Keira through it all…
You know maybe 10 years ago I was a bit more like Keira. I sort of let water flow off the duck’s back but because I’ve had a bit of tough love in the last few years with the homelessness and all the rest of it, I’m a bit sensitive right now and so I don’t take it as well as she does.
She just laughs it off. She does cry and carry on and go with her Keira sort of antics but then five minutes later she’s totally fine. Whereas, it takes me a bit longer to process it. it’s sort of like, hang on a minute, we’re adults here but you are treating me like rubbish and I thought we were supposed to be a team all working for our charities and trying to earn stars for each other so we could eat, rather than being mean to each other.
You went from being in hiding to primetime TV fast. Would you do it again?
Yeah I would do this again. There were some miserable times, I’m not going to fib, but it was just such an incredible experience. Your head gets messed with in every single way. You get messed with physically, emotionally, psychologically, it’s just full on.

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