Tyler Henry opens up about being Hollywood’s most famous clairvoyant

“It can be emotionally draining!”

Few people have met the likes of the Kardashians, Sofia Vergara and Selma Blair – to name just a few big names – by the age of 23.
But Tyler Henry has become famous in his own right over the past few years because of his ability to help celebrities connect with their late loved ones.
Although his show Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry is in its fourth season, Tyler says he can't believe he's recognised wherever he goes.
"I'm so flattered," he tells TV WEEK. "It's not something I aspired to be."
Tyler says he's "flattered" by his fans.
Tyler currently has more than 175,000 requests for his readings. Understandably, his gift can sometimes take a toll.
"It can be exhausting," he admits.
"It's the nature of the grief and the loss, and having to exist in that headspace. It's emotionally draining. But when I'm done, I go to bed and try to sleep. It's a source of rejuvenation and allows me to shut off."
Tyler with Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara.
With such an impressive list of celebrity clients, is there anyone on Tyler's wish list to read for?
"Ariana Grande [the US pop star] would be a good reading," he says. "Because of both her professional and personal loss. It would be very emotional.
"Really, I just want to help anybody who can be helped by what I do."
Tyler reveals Ariana Grande is on his wish list.
Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry airs Wednesday, 7:30pm, on E! and streaming on hayu.

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