A timeline of Tyler and Piper's tumultuous relationship on Neighbours

Following Typer's shock break-up, we look back on the love birds' biggest moments.

By Rachael Gavin
As if this week on Neighbours hasn't been heartbreaking enough, now Tyler (Travis Burns) and Piper (Mavournee Hazel) have split up. It's a devastating development in what has been a tumultuous but epic romance.
Mavournee took to Instagram to write about her wonderful time by Travis' side.
"We have both grown so much over this time, and I feel lucky to say that Travis helped shape who i am, and it's sad but exciting to learn to grow without him by my side," she wrote.

While we get our heads around the fact Typer are no longer together, grab a box of tissues as we look back over their most memorable moments.

Piper kisses Tyler (2016)

They had become best friends and realised they understood each other like no one else. Piper was the first to realise there was something more between them and went in for a kiss. Tyler was taken aback by the smooch but soon woke up to his romantic feelings for Piper. However, Tyler was living with Piper's dad Brad (Kip Gamblin) at the time and worried that the age gap was inappropriate.

Piper and Tyler date in secret (2016)

Their relationship escalated to the point where Tyler could no longer deny his feelings for Piper. But being the gentleman he is he only agreed to be with her if both Brad and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) were okay with it. Terese says absolutely not but when Brad says he is happy to discuss it Piper twists this to her advantage. She tells Tyler Brad is fine with their relationship and she will work on Terese coming around. So they begin dating until Tyler finds out Piper lied to him about her parents.

Piper and Tyler go to the formal (2016)

Terese agrees to let Tyler be Piper's date to the formal on extremely strict conditions – which means just friends. But she pulls the plug when she overhears Piper telling Tyler that tonight they will go all the way.

Piper and Tyler decide to be together (2016)

Inspired by Brad and Lauren's (Kate Kendall) wedding, Piper and Tyler realise their love for each other matters more than anything. They don't care what anyone thinks nor about getting anyone's approval and end up in bed together.

Terese catches Piper and Tyler hooking up (2017)

A secret no longer, Terese is furious that Piper and Tyler have got together behind her back. She bans Piper from seeing her man while she's living under the Willis roof. Both Brad and Mark (Scott McGregor) back Terese up leaving Piper and Tyler essentially homeless. They end up moving into the Backpacker's Hostel for months until Terese realises Tyler is a good guy and has Piper's best interests at heart.

Tyler confesses to killing Hamish (2017)

And this is the beginning of the end. Sadly it was Piper who realised that Tyler accidently killed Hamish (Sean Taylor) by striking him with a garden gnome. On Christmas Day a guilty Tyler confessed to the police and Piper stood by his side the whole time.

Piper and Tyler go on the run (2018)

Determined to be together no matter what Piper and Tyler tried to run away. But the police were hot on their trail so Tyler jumped from their hotel building to go it alone. There was no way Piper was going to live without him so she tried too only to just miss the edge and almost plummet to her death.

Piper and Tyler break up (2018)

Valentine's Day proves to be a disaster for Piper when she goes to visit Tyler in jail. Tyler tells her it's over between them for good and she is not to visit him ever again. Piper is left heartbroken. Is this really the end?

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